A friend of mine has a son who is in jail waiting trial. He has been waiting for a couple years. They want to give him a ten year sentence because of a touching game he and some teenagers were playing and he touched the breasts of an underage (15) girl. Completely consensual. He was 18. Is this right? Does he deserve to have his life ruined because of this and also have the tag of “sex offender” follow him for the rest of his life, ruining job opportunities and even the ability to rent an apartment? Yes we do have sex offenders who are a danger to people, but there is a large percentage of those people who are not dangerous.  Anytime someone hears the word “sex offender” they immediately jump to the conclusion that person is a rapists or pedophile.  This is another part of our injustice system.  A sex offender can never pay his debt to society.  He is branded for the rest of his life.  He will always have to explain himself to every single person he meets and people will look at him with disgust in their eyes.

I wanted to bring this to light today to see what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Youtube – Are We All Sex Offenders?

  1. There are many who get unjust labels and those that “get away” with the horrific things they have done:( Many times there is not much we can do, but something we can ALL do is not pass judgement on people or assume they are a certain way when we don’t really know them.

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    1. That is the right way to be. Unfortunately there are too many who judge first and form an opinion without thinking. I read that a lot in replies on articles about prisoners. They don’t understand what they think they understand and get nasty, “If they do a crime they deserve everything the prison does to them.” not taking into account that everyone isn’t guilty or that what they did doesn’t deserve torture. They lump everyone together. A sex offender also is not always a sex offender.

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