feel the rain               


This piece was written for the book I’m writing of the same title. It is the longing of being on the inside looking out. You can find first draft copies of some of the chapters written in the blog post written before this. I would honestly like your opinion of what has been written.

Inside The Forbidden Outside      by Sonni Quick  copyright 2016


Inside the forbidden outside
Looking out through only one side
Never feel the sun through the other side
Never feel it on my skin
I want to feel the breeze of the wind
Feel the grass beneath my feet
See the sunset when the light meets
the earth and sinks beneath

Inside the forbidden outside
Where nothing is for real
I have to close my eyes and think
To remember how life feels
I’ll never take for granted
That things, like rain, are free
I’ll never lose another day
When freedom comes to me

Outside looking inside
Looking through the other side
Never see the world through my eyes
Never live your life like me
Don’t take your life for granted
Don’t take the chance to lose
The touch of grass beneath your feet
or the freedom . . .to choose


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latest chapter for Inside the Forbidden Outside with a list of previous chapters inside. Sonni’s Side Of The Story – part one

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9 thoughts on “Inside The Forbidden Outside – Poetry and Music

  1. Hello Sonni, Here is the message I replied to you after you commented and sent questions on one of my blogs. (Gets complicated)

    How nice to hear from you. I will answer your few questions first, but yes, send me your phone number and I will give you a call. Let me know when is convenient.
    My son is still in Beaumont, but disavowed his gang and now is targeted for retribution. I think they are going to transfer him soon.
    My book was 48,000 + words and 150 pages.
    I have not marketed much, but most sales are by word of mouth. I am working on trying to get a “button” so people can buy the book from my website. The good news is that it won first place for non-fiction in the small but prestigious “Preditors and Editors Readers Poll 2015”. It also won third place for the cover.
    I would be happy to send you a copy if you send your address, or a digital copy if you like.
    I have a mailing list in Mail Chimp, but have not used it. I really should, but as you know, life takes over.
    I am now writing a novel that has noting to do with prison,
    I am working with “Hope for Prisoners” and will probably be a mentor for someone.
    That’s most of the news. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    1. Thanks, no I didn’t get this message. But ill probably find it now. I actumally got your book as son as it was available. I write a post on it and sent it out over my sm at last times. I still get hits on that post. I liked your cover.I have an idea Of want I want. Even though the chapters I have are only first draft, I’ve had help with grammar etc our when I unknowingly switch tenses, I post them on all social media anyway to get feedback and to get the title out there. I found a woman editor I really like from her teaching videos. I’m sending her a comprehensive outline for her to see and she can do a content edit. That is what I really need because the story isn’t really linear. It’s separated into subjects and I use a lot of Jamie’s letters and sometimes mine. I’m not sure the best way to arrange the chapters. I have about 50,000 words now and I’m not close to done. Like you, Jamie won’t be out yet when I’m done so there well probably be a sequel later. I want to start a monthly news letter. Getting those email addresses from people is like pulling teeth so I need to study up on that.
      I plan on promoting it hard. I trapped a show a small time internet radio program today that will air on April 4th. I want to lecture and do more radio and (fingers crossed talk shows) and this radio show is the start of having a resume so I can be an authority. (that sounds important ( lol) I think I’m going to go with Balboa Publishing – it’s a division of Hay House and they pull self published authors over if they do well. It all costs money. It’s going to be tight. So to get back expenses and then make money for either a parole attorney or money to help him so I have to be optimistic and plan on doing a lot of work afterward.

      Honestly, do you think your son will be okay when he gets out. Mentally can he fit into society this time? Jamie told me recently – all inmates plan on doing better and getting a job, but in the back of their minds they think they can do a little illegal on the side and not get caught this time. Except for one year when he meet my he’s been looked up since he was 15 almost 16 and he’s 33 now. He doesn’t know what real life is -the pressures. He’ll be like a kid. And totally lost. If he doesn’t get paroled hell be 39. His son will be 17. You have a grandchild right? well I could talk in this comment section for hours! My phone number is 717-306-8499. Don’t call before noon EST. I type late, but that is 9 am your time. Is love to talk to you. I’d like to find out how the process went for you when you were done writing.


      1. I am traveling this weekend, but will give you a call next week. We have a lot in common! I have some thoughts about if my son, or anyone one else who is institutionalized, can function when they get out.
        Talk with you soon.

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  2. Hi Sonniq; That was deep! I know that feeling; like nothing outside is real, being in my own world! Thank you for the look see inside,,, Thank you for allowing others to get close. That’s important when you blog. And here, I can definately relate to what you’re feeling! Excellent poem 🙂

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    1. Writing and writing. Making progress. Looking for a developmental editor to help me pull it together. I’ve read some poorly edited self published books and I done want to be one of them. You do so much. You know what it’s like to juggle ten balls at one time! writing and marketing at one time.

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