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Racist Remarks in the Media

Several times in the past few days I have the misfortune of having extremely racist language directed at me by men who told me how stupid I was for not understanding how low the mentality of black people are, that being criminals is hardwired into their DNA and how they should all be rounded up and put in cages away from white people.  They are dangerous and the proof of that shows in how many of them are already locked up in prisons.  They can’t control themselves, and if they are near you they are more than likely going to hurt you, rape you, steal from you, and the list goes on . . .  I wonder if it will matter that the real reason black men were hunted down to imprison, starting in the 70’s, was finally revealed by John Erlichman, a member of Nixon’s staff, when he came clean about the ‘war on drugs’ last week?

This tirade against myself began because of a comment I made on an article about the ongoing racism in America, asking why is it still happening?  We’re intelligent people.  We know the color of our skin is not what makes us good or bad people.  Much more goes into the making of our belief system and often it begins with the way we are raised and what we learn from the adults who raise us.  Whether it is racism, or the faith we believe in, the desire for the food we eat or encouragement to do the best we can; these are the things that help us become the people we are, not what color we are.

The words that were typed to me in response to what I wrote was dripping with ugliness.  It was agreed with by another individual.  How can people hate others so much, and it isn’t hating one person, but an entire race of people?  Examining the personality of these haters, is there anything about them that would make me want to be white?  How could I say I was was glad to be white if being white meant I would be like them?

Are We Born Racist?

If they were raised with parents who constantly demeaned black people, or any other kind of negativity about any subject, that is what they are going to believe.  Most Christians are Christians because that is what they were taught.  If you were raised Muslim, you will probably believe in the Muslim faith.  If your family believed in eating right, you wouldn’t stop at McDonald’s for dinner. It is hard to stop believing what you were taught.  If someone said to you, “As of today, you can no longer love your mother.” Could you do it?  Of course not.  You can’t stop believing something just because you tell yourself that is what you want to do. You can’t believe anything just because you say that is what you are going to believe now. You can’t decide to believe in God if you are atheist when you don’t believe.  Can you stop being a racist just because you now believe it is wrong?  It’s not that easy.  Words are cheap.

Fortunately, all white people don’t think like racists do.  I’m not proud of who I am because I am white and I deserve it because I am white, although there are people who do believe they are special because they are white.  I am proud of who I am because of who I am, not because of the color of my skin.  It is people like these men who have had it hardwired into them, from the time they were born.

Is Racism Being Promoted by Politics?

Sadly, there are still so many people who think the way they do.  This isn’t the first time I have heard these things.  Because I work within the prison industry and support the many people – black and white – who have been sucked into our justice system under false allegations because of the need of the prison industrial complex to keep their prisons full. Is this going to change?  Can it change?  Can Bernie Sanders lower the prison population like he says he is going to if he is elected?  He can’t, for the same reason Obama was stopped from doing everything he wanted to do. The president doesn’t have the power to do what he wants, if it goes against what the corporations want.

This presidential election year has done more damage to us as a country than we realize.  Before now, most racists weren’t very vocal about being racist.  Most people would deny being racist because they didn’t want people to know what horrible people they really were.  Unless they were with other racists where they could be free to say what they wanted, people who promoted race hate, and hate crimes were vilified in the media and prosecuted.  Now the racists are applauding each other out in the open.  Trump has let them know it is okay to punch people in the face if they don’t like them.  It is okay to go to their places of worship and attack them.  Be it black people or gays or Muslims, we forget they are people first and foremost. Students are attacking people they don’t like in school or anywhere in public, and they are learning it is okay to do this.  Being a racist is okay now.  They don’t have to hide it anymore.  They don’t have to pretend to be good people.

Racism is at an all time high against anything other than heterosexual white, as if all people in this genre are supreme, no matter what.  Who is next?  And the worst part is; after the election, how do they reel it back in again or does it get worse?  Add to it, The NRA wants everyone to carry a gun, and no one questions what the NRA’s ulterior motive is, because obviously the reason of protecting your house goes right out the window when you strap that gun to your person and take it to the grocery store.

One Nation Under God?

one nation under God

We are witnessing the demise of our country that was supposed to be “The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave”.  That place doesn’t exist anymore.  Those who insist we are “One Nation Under God”, and really believes in God, needs to examine what that means, because if this is what it means to be a nation under God then there are many people who need to be very ashamed of themselves, because this racism was started by good God fearing Christians. What do you think? . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world
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26 thoughts on “What Makes Some of us Racist?

  1. I’m probably going to get some flack for saying this but the entire nation feels like the Old South of my childhood. The hate speech and almost incomprehensible perversion of Christianity was part of every day life in the racist South of the 1960’s.

    The South swore that it would rise again and it has. The real question is whether the rest of us have the courage and will to send it back to its place again.

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    1. It doesn’t matter if you get flack. I don’t care what anyone says. I will not let someone get away with saying something stupid without addressing it. You are right. We have to stand up for what is right. I don’t understand why they get so much pleasure out of wanting to hurt people. Where does it come from?

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      1. It comes from a tribal inability to recognize the ‘other’ as human. We dehumanize people ‘not like us’…I suspect it’s an instinct that most people learn to overcome.

        Tribalism is a regressive behavior that has no place in a global community.

        The only way to proceed is to send it back to the slime from which our species emerged,

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        1. It really seems to have exploded this year. There has always been contention around elections but there seems to be so much more hate and stupidity than ever before. It won’t just go away. and the three years between campaigns and elections seems to be getting shorter and shorter. To think of going through this again so soon and still have to fight off Ted Cruz again is mind numbing. The annointed Christ King. i want to go run and hide.

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          1. This is one of those pivotal moments we hear so much about. The two political parties could not be less alike, thanks to Trump and Sanders. The Sanders people might try to understand the strategy of winning by losing.

            Whether they know it or not, they’ve occupied the Democrats.

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  2. Racism boils my blood and just reading the beginning of your post angered me; not at you, but at what people have said to you. Although there are many people who claim to be God-fearing that are racist amongst other horrible things, I have to say I was a bit offended by the remark that racism was started by good God-fearing Christians.
    I respect you very much and from being a frequent reader of your posts I can understand your intention is never to offend. I simply wanted to be honest and open with you because I do consider you to be a friend, at least in the internet world.

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    1. Nena, racism was started by Christians. But understand there are those who do honestly try to live by what is taught and there are those that don’t and use the religion for power. You need only look in the news today and see how religion is used to manipulate.

      Go back to the beginning of slavery. These were all God fearing Christians. Slavers and the plantation owners. Look at the racism after blacks were freed. This was promoted by white Christians who didn’t want black people in the neighborhoods, schools or even on their busses. It was “Christian” believers who think that blacks are beneath them, that encouraged this. People in this country have pushed the idea that America is a Christian nation and it is on this premise that racism has been taught to their children. But this country is not a Christian nation, although there are good Christians who live here, and Buddhists, and Muslims and atheists and others. Millions of people who are not Christian. A religion doesn’t automatically make a person good. How a person lives his life is what makes him good. Now many in America have turned their racism on all Muslims because they think their Christian religion makes them better – their religion is supreme. I’d wager that the men who left those remarks to me consider themselves to be Christian.

      This is not an insult to you if you are a Christian, but it definitely is directed to those who show racism at people because they think their religion gives them the right to hate. If you read the history when racism, in the 40’s and 50’s was really bad and people were hung from trees – these people would say they were good God-fearing people.

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      1. You’re right that many whites that claim to be “God-fearing” Christians are racist and have committed (and still continue to commit) heinous and unspeakable acts towards other races. But it is not accurate to say that racism started with Christians. Maybe in the United States, the first documented form of racism was by so-called Christians, but racism is an ancient and horrible human characteristic. Saying racism was started by Christians is like saying lying was started by Jewish people or bigotry was started by Muslims (these are just examples; by no means do I think this).
        I know you did not intend to offend which is why I wanted to bring up that the way it was phrased does come off as an insult. I can see where your thoughts are coming from and where they were meant to be directed.

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        1. No I wasnt trying to offend. Of course racism of many kinds has been around for a very long time. Slavery has been used by many empires. But the racism I was speaking of was our problem with racism, kidnapping a race of people to be or slaves and many white people still believe they are better. When you read the retoric of why they thought they were better, the Christian religion was used as a reason. Same thing with the American Indians when they kidnapped their children to force them to be Christian. There is still no respect for people who are not Christian by many. But not all. But minorities have it rough in America still, by those who process to sincere Christians. Those that yell the loudest about many issues are those of the Christian right,determining that if people don’t believe what they do, then hating or killing them is okay. Kill the Muslims. Hate the atheists – they have no morals. Only Christians have morals they proclaim. It is a misuse of what was taught. Hitler considered himself to be a good Christian. He thought he was doing God’s work by exterminating the Jews and creating a matter white race. I believe that faith is personal. You should be concerned with your own life and working every day to be a better person. If you spend so much time trying to force others, then you aren’t spending time working on your own life. But still, I probably came across a bit too strong so I apologize for that. I tend to get fairly heavy handed.

          I did an internet radio show that played today. The David Shape show. It’s the 2nd one down on my blog. It’s on prisons, Jamie and the book I’m writing, racism in politics and more. I’d love for you to listen and tell me what you think. Hopefully it is the first of more media as I get closer to publishing my book. If you share it on your social media I would so appreciate it. If you listen, move the time ahead an hour and 20 minutes. I’m on after that, Unless you want to listen to the entire thing. He has a strong British accent. Pleasant to listen to.

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          1. I completely understand where you are coming from because it angers me how many people that say they are Christian are doing the exact opposite of what Christianity should stand for. The very first Christians themselves (who were persecuted and killed) were the very people that “Christians” today are condemning. People can be so twisted and ignorant so I am with you there! I would love to check out the radio show and a British accent does sound nice lol
            Also, I recently moved to a self-hosted site so you will still get emails of my posts, but not sure if it shows up in the Reader. Here is the latest post:
            Hope you are well:)

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            1. I think the intent of Christianity has changed so much over the years. Even from sect to sect the differences are profound. And now there are so many who say they are Christian. But there are also different Buddhist sects, but not as many and new ones don’t form. People are searching to find something that makes sense to them, yet many stay with how they were raised even though it was only taught to them as the truth by usually a parent, and that was passed down as well. I think it is good to study other faiths and explore why they believe what they do, so at least they have made a decision of their own about what to believe.

              I just got done typing my first newsletter and it has a link to the radio show in it. Do I have your email address. I’m going to send it out tomorrow. If you like you can send an email to if you’d rather not put it here.

              Thanks, Nena

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            2. Yes, people need to make decisions for themselves and explore instead of settle for what others say is “right”. You can send it to me at younfolded (at) I look forward to seeing it!

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            3. Religion is always a touchy subject. I think if we learn to respect others choices then we will go a long way in stopping violence, even if it just in our words. Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen. There are people in most religions who get fanatical – even among themselves, like Muslims killing each other. The only faith I have found so far that doesn’t have people who are hateful are Buddhists, the only ones who haven’t used violence to promote their agenda. That doesn’t mean that all Buddhists are perfect people. Some start from a very low point in their life after they have had violence in their life and use the Buddhist teachings to change that. And definitely, not all Christians are hateful, either. There are just some who carry what they say is in Bible a little too far and use that as a reason to hurt gays, Muslims or those who want or need an abortion. Radical Muslims are only a small part of the people, yet some want to lump all Muslims into the mix. Just like I’m sure that overseas, Muslims feel the same way about Christians. There seems to be more and more in the news and it is disheartening. There are quite a few states in the US ( don’t remember how many) where if someone is running for public office that have to sign a declaration that says they are Christian or they can’t run. Anyone can say anything about what faith they are (which I think a lot of politicians do) but that doesn’t mean they practice the teachings. It isn’t what a person “says” they believe in, it is their behavior that comes from those teachings that should matter. But I believe they do that so they feel justified in saying we are a Christian nation when there are millions who are not. It’s a power play.

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            4. Sadly you are right and trying to change those distorted views is almost impossible. People want to believe what they believe or they would look outside the box at other sides.

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      2. I forget now what passage i read last night (because I was told I was interpreting the Bible wrong and that I needed to go back and read it again) but God was speaking to someone and told him that slavery was wrong and should never happen and yet so many insist that this Nation was founded as a Christian Nation and yet the Christians deed not heed the word of God.

        With so many people claiming to be righteous Christians but spewing hatred, I have turned away from Christianity. I understand there are many Christians who do walk the walk and talk the talk. I just feel like many of them choose to pick and choose only the verses that suit them. I am truly sickened by all this hatred that has come to rear its ugly head. Great blog.

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        1. You are very right. People pick and choose certain bible verses that agree with what they think and skip over the other ones. It has made some people very ugly. You know that Buddhism teaches the law of cause and effect. it is the same thing as “you reap what you sow”. I recently read an article by a preacher who said, “Don’t worry about that. Jesus died for your sins so it doesn’t matter.” I was shocked. here he was – saying that this passage, which is supposed to be God’s word was something that was off no importance. Do what you want because God has already forgiven you for it! I’m sure that many of this preachers followers took that to mean that it didn’t matter if they were hateful. It didn’t matter if they hurt people. But even so, the law of cause and effect and you reap what you so will have effects in their life. it’s like telling someone that gravity doesn’t always work so go ahead and jump off that cliff – God will save you. As each year goes by it gets worse and worse and it isn’t done getting worse. I left Christianity many years ago because I looked at the lives of people I knew from childhood and I didn’t see that their faith had a positive effect on their life – it was all about the social events. it had nothing to do with the teachings. They weren’t being applied.

          later gator

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          1. That is true. We can hope. If it turns out we were wrong for doing that and the price is burning in hell for all of eternity, I would venture to say we would not be alone. Far from it!
            I started this about 4 hours ago and have had non stop interruptions. Will email you tomorrow. Thank you for making my world a better place!
            Soft and fluffy hugs for you,

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    1. If only it could be that easy. It’s ingrained from birth that some people are better than others. They can’t just switch it off even if they wanted to. It takes more than that to undo the damage done by upbringing.

      I was not raised that way. There was no racism in my home, but when I got to high school I had a lot of trouble with the black students that was instigated by one boy. I would get cornered in stairwells and the restrooms. I’d get threatened and they would wait after school for me. I was scared I refused to go to school. I think it was started as a joke but it got out of hand. The school got involved and the NAACP. I was angry at what they did to me. It was years before I didn’t feel fear when I saw a black person. Until I realized that I couldn’t blame an entire race for what a group of kids in my hometown did. But even when you know rationally what right and wrong is, you can’t automatically change how you feel. So when children are raised with a racist parent it is hard to shake that. You have to want to change it.

      Ironically, 30 years later, the boy, now man, who started that, found me and called to apologize. Kids don’t understand what they do until they mature.

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  3. Thanks for visit and like thought this post was brilliant and perfect for our newsroom is you have no objections please visit first and maybe if time read some of my featured writers work let me know if you are agreeable to sharing this post with all attribution to you of course .. Regards Ian

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        1. And now the fan in my lap top went kaphooy. When it rains it pours. I was going to send you a link to a post I put up this AM. I just did an internet radio interview on the prisons and it aired for the first time today but the link will be good because it’s archived. The post is the 2nd one down on my blog right now and says it’s the David Snape Show. He’s out of the UK. It’s on the prison system, Jamie’s life in prison, racism in the justice system and juveniles. The interview states at about one hour and twenty some minutes in. If you could reblog or send out to your SM it would be greatly appreciated.

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