I read Martin Locket’s book, “Palpable Irony” It’s worth reading. He was a success story of man who is on his second sentence in Prison. He has worked on his own rehabilitation to turn his life around, when it could have easily gone the other way. Look up his book on Amazon and help him on his journey as an author.

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OSCI Visiting Room

No doubt, perhaps the highlight of any inmate’s day, week, or month is when his/her name is called for a visit. This is the time (in most prisons, I believe) when inmates are able to finally have the much needed physical contact with the people who mean the most to us. The brief hug and kiss we are allowed at the beginning and end can of the visit can be enough to sustain us for an entire month. It is a time of jubilant conversation and unbridled joy that, for moments throughout, can allow us to “forget” where we are. Ah, yes, the coveted visit. But what about when it comes time to say goodbye to friends and family? What is the impact of this part of the experience?

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