mail in prison, prison mail


by Jamie Cummings    copyright 2016


The strangest thing happened today

an invisible mailman passed my way

He handed me an envelope that wasn’t really there

An invisible mailman you know is quite rare

I opened the envelope which was very wide

and I found less than nothing inside

The writing was faint as I recall

In fact, there wasn’t any writing at all

The writing was neat and so very clear

So crystal clear it couldn’t be seen anywhere

I searched for words I thought would be there

but all I found was invisible air

So I’m writing you back with love, you bet

Saying thanks for the letters I never get

After reading this, do you think you’ll think twice?

Pay attention to this bit of advice

I had needed to hear sweat words from you

but the letters never, ever, came through

Don’t get me wrong, you still have my love

It’s very real and comes from within

I’m locked up but only for now

I’m still waiting waiting waiting like it matters somehow

I wait to hear from those who say they love me

Instead I receive a letter so crystal clear I can’t see

This mailman brought invisible letters

missing the words, the feeling and thoughts

It hurts to this day what the invisible man brought

He brought me nothing

My life was still I lost.

Jamie sent me this poem. It is his first one that I know of.  He told me awhile back he was writing a poem.  He is writing to those people who didn’t care enough to pick up a pen and write back to him.  Sadly, I don’t think they know what they are missing because they don’t know the man he has become.  He has taught me a lot about many things. Two of them are patience and perseverance.  I was overwhelmed when I read this, so I set it to music. It is at the top of the list at soundcloud by the same title as the poem and you can listen as you read. Enjoy. Please, leave a reply and tell him what you think.  I send replies to him.  You can also hear other piano recordings and you can listen as you read. Enjoy. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world
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3 thoughts on “Invisible Mailman by Jamie Cummings

    1. Do you where you saw it? Jamie’s has been incarcerated since 2006. I actually rewrote part of it, especially the last third because the cadence and rhyming was off so I cleaned it up. Maybe it was one that was similar? Regardless it is one that really his home because it happens so much – especially to those with long sentences. Family and friends that do write in the beginning gradually forget about them. I hope that didn’t happen to you.


    2. I looked up the poem – it seems that it has been printed by … quite a few people. The original author is unknown. I think that through the telling of it bits and pieces have been changed, especially the last third, probably to fit individual circumstances which is why I needed to fuss with it a bit to make the rhyming fit. But it really does fir the circumstances of many. Thanks for letting me know.


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