For those that might have missed it, this is the section of his radio show that is just his interview with me. Please share this with your own people to help me get what I am doing off the ground and also help David with enhancing his ratings with his show. Email to sign up for my newly launched monthly newsletter, which will cover many other aspects of our justice system. Most of all – Thank you for listening! . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world
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The David Snape Show

One of the most fascinating interviews we have ever done on the show, Sonni Quick tells a story about Jamie Cummings who has epilepsy and his harsh treatment in prison. We also discuss about what is wrong with the US prison system and how it affects everyone, even when they use guards in schools. The interview ends with one powerful message on what needs to be changed in the prison system and who, possible, can help bring those changes.

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