I found this blog today @Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars  and also this song. The poetry is good and the song will rip your heart out. The artist – Phora and the song – Simmer – is not an inmate but I feel his life has been a prison.


Many people don’t understand the life of someone who want born into the average life of being raised in a “normal” family atmosphere with advantages of guidance and love. I have no idea -yet- who this artist is, but no one could write about a life like that if they hasn’t experienced it.

With whatever time I have left on this earth I want to spend it making a difference in lives that come across mine. My last post was on hate and hate filled people. That is an ugly way to live that comes back at you. I want something different coming back to me and it comes from how you treat others. Please, you should really listen to this and pass this post and music on.

http://facebook.com/jamielifeinprison . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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Words on Empty Ears

She shows me all of these songs.
I like every single thing about them.
The melody and the lyrics say everything about me.
And I’m wondering how these sad words always get to me.
Simply forgetting how pretend I could be.
Being real, embracing the things I know how to be.
Wearing all of my scars as if they are merely my accessories.
I did always liked how scarred up I have always been.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016

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