caught-1013600__340 (1)This has a lot of good information for those who are interested in finding out what is really going on with our prisons. Like anything else we read in the media, they only print what the people in power want us to know, and the truth is often buried. There is no trust and honesty in the media and this year should have shown everyone that. That also includes the prison industrial complex and why we have the prison system we have.

I hear awful things some people say about inmates because they don’t understand, or realize, many of them aren’t guilty, or they have been pushed through the school to prison pipeline, or they have been targeted because they are black or other minorities. I’m not saying that there are not some pretty horrendous people in prison, because there are. But it the percentage – 6 to 1 – black to white that are locked up. It is how the American people have been told over and over that blacks are prone to crime and are less intelligent, that justifies what they did.Or they say blacks do more drugs. But the numbers say otherwise. The truth has been coming out now.

We have learned how the war on drugs was fabricated by the Nixon administration, pushed forward more by Regan, and then Clinton adds three strikes and you’re out – which he says he so regrets now. That is bullshit. This was all done to control who can vote in the years to come. Disenfranchise the black vote, who on average do not vote republican, and it is easier to control the elections. The more blacks they lock up the better it is for them. This fact is now well documented. It is also why the Nixon Admin made marijuana a class one narcotic as dangerous as heroin. The mass demonstrations against the illegal war in Viet Nam were getting in their way. Lock up all the pot smoking hippies.

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It sounds silly when you look at the sentence by itself, but when you understand how many lives were ruined over these two things and neither of them has had anything done to alleviate it until THIS year, shows why we have 2 million more prisoners now than before Nixon. Pot is probably the least dangerous drug there is. There has not ever been one overdose and people don’t commit crimes when high. They’d have to stop laughing and eating to plan a crime. Yet still, for decades, the prisons have been jammed with people and the corporations have made a fortune over enslaving people to make their products. And most of you have no clue you buy products made by slaves who don’t get paid.

All of this has to stop, and people are now finally waking up. We have crushed a race of people who haven’t deserved what we have allowed to happen to them, and too many white people still think they deserve more privileges because they are white. This country is imploding from so much selfishness. Take the time and educated yourself. Stop getting your news from places like FOX or you only continue to be ignorant of the truth. Stop following along like sheep, believing what you read. Read all sides of an issue. Educate yourself.


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Information for Friends and Family of Inmates

I have copied part of the press release by Prison Policy Initiative from March 4, 2016. What an eye-opener. It is a must read for anyone who has family or friends incarcerated,or for anyone who pays taxes and wants to know what is happening to their money in terms of effectiveness. We need reform. There are so many people incarcerated who should be treated differently, yet the judicial system continues to incarcerate them. Please go to to view the statistics and pie charts. (Because they are not static, I could not copy them here).

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2016

By Peter Wagner and Bernadette Rabuy
March 14, 2016
Press release

Wait, does the United States have 1.4 million or more than 2 million people in prison? Are most people in state and federal prisons locked up for drug offenses? Frustrating questions like these abound because our systems of…

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9 thoughts on “Prison Policy Initiative: a Must Read

  1. Thank you for giving voice to open a debate on prisons and the innocents sent there. I don’t know if our prisons have the same ratio of black to white but I suspect they may well do. Blacks are probably more intelligent than us whites anyway but I take your point about whites feeling superior even though they ain’t and this annoys the hell out of me. We are all equal, we’re born the same way, we bleed the same so what if my skin is paler than yours? If you’re a woman and I’m a man, if you like men and your religion isn’t mine? Gender, sexual preference, skin colour, religion none of these define us. Our humanity and offering help to those in need are what does define us. I love everyone regardless because that’s the best way for me to behave.

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    1. If only everyone could think like that, but they don’t. All we can do is continue to try to show them by example. Some people feel bad enough about themselves they feel justified about hating others. I don’t have your blog in front of me. Where are you from, because you talked about not knowing the ratio of black to white where you are.

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      1. I’m from England over the pond from you, I have never seen segregation at work but have seen racism first hand, yes I’m white but was dating a black girl till her dad found out and tried to kill me. The rest of her family were cool but had warned me about dad before I met him. I’ve never cared about anything when meeting someone apart from will they get my sense of humour? He hated me because of my skin colour, racism knows no colour and it applies equally to any race. I don’t hold a grudge because it was down to his upbringing and he probably wouldn’t have taken the time to talk to me even if I hadn’t been going out with his princess.

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        1. It is exactly the same here. It boils down to color. Whites here feel they are privileged. They get lighter prison sentences, if they get a sentence at all. The Nixon administration in the 1960’s started the war on drugs knowing it was a fallacy, but he needed a valid reason to lock up the blacks, so through the they kept scaring the people that blacks were heroin addicts who were going to rape your daughters and rob your homes. Actually whites did more heroin that blacks. But there is no internet. People only had the paper and tv to get their news so they could say anything they wanted. This was also the time of the Viet Nam war and the hippies were putting on mass demonstrations – so they made pot the gateway to heroin drug and made is a class one drug as dangerous as heroin and started locking up everyone they found with a roach in an ashtray. Prison population went through the ceiling. all of this is true, it is not my opinion. Even so it took until this year to put a stop of the” 3 strikes and you are out”law, and now states are legalizing pot. Have they let people out of prison? No, because it is the prison industrial complex’s cash cow. And now the US is going to other countries to teach them how to make money off their people to. England has a problem with their prisons and a problem with racism – although you have more Muslims locked up than we do. My family is mixed. If you look at my latest post there is a picture of one of my grandsons – Jamie’s son – that I will be see next week because I am going to Tx.. I have 2 half black grandsons and one half blac.k grand daughter. It scares me – especially for the boys because of the cops over here

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          1. We can’t give up the fight, everyone has the right to feel safe without exception. Skin colour, sex, religion don’t matter a damn we need to shout enough and make our politicians take notice. We did it for gays and lesbians so let’s do it for blacks and Hispanics too, as well as recognising the benefits the Native Americans bring to society. Racism is becoming a crime let’s push that forward and press home our advantage. People are people after all.

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            1. I’m traveling and haven’t been by a computer lately. I was catching up on news today. Everything you say is true but when I read all the hate that has been stirred up by this election it scares me. And it isn’t because it’s new hate, it’s because all this hate has always been there but people feel they have the right now to act out on it. All this hate from Trump followers. He makes the news because it sells but over all his numbers aren’t good so I doubt – hopefully – he’ll lose – but how do the people bottle up the hate? It’s been let lose. And reading what is going on in England and France and other countries it’s worse. I think we are in for some pretty rough times and a lot of people are going to get hurt. Clinton is hated just as much but the people aren’t as violent. I will vote for neither. I will never again vote for the best of the worst. Our vote doesn’t matter anyway. We only have the illusion of voting for who we want. Nothing is going to stop the racism now I don’t think.

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            2. If we can stop the ignorance which fosters hate then maybe we can. Hatred is borne of ignorance, remove the ignorance and remove the fear of the Unknown by making it known and Trump won’t stand a chance. However, America gave us George W. Bush and World War 3, aka the War on Terror, so I don’t hold out much hope that Clinton will win.


            3. There are too many people who thrive on hate and this election year gave them permission to bring it out in the open. No matter who wins, how do you bottle it up again. With everything going on in the world I think we are in for some tough times. You are so right about Bush and it runs in the family. His grandfather Prescott’s bank financed Hitler

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