black hands on cell door, prison guard brutality
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A report from Jabari about his return to CSP-Corcoran for “step 3” of the “Step-Down Program”: April 19, 2015 They finally officially opened up the step 3 program here at CS…

Source: Return to Corcoran-SHU from CCI-Tehachapi for “step 3”

(This is a blog post I found today. It will tell you a lot about what happens in prisons.  Coincidentally, I have a second grandson with a father in Prison yet I haven’t talked about him on this blog.  I haven’t had communication from him.  I wrote to him but didn’t get a return letter.  He has been in prison for a long time – more than once – for about 17 years. This last time was for parole violation.  I bring this up because he is in Tehachapi.  He has tattoos from his neck to his wrists to his ankles.  This will affect how he survives when he gets out again in 2017)


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