A fourteen year old teen named Royce Mann hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately . . .

It is too late to change the hearts and minds of adults. We can not change the irrational need for cops to kill black people no matter how they are retrained, or how often any politician, including our president who says only the hole words, “We need to come together and respect each other.”

Nothing will change as long as there is so much hate and continue to fail to realize who and what has been responsible for the backlash against cops. As long as there is failure to understand that black people didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Let’s go kill cops,” for no reason, the situation will continue to increase.

Too many white people intentionally, willingly, stay blind to the fact that cops have gone too far killing people who should not have died, and never had to pay the price. Black people want that recognized. They want it stopped and they want the law to apply to everyone. If you murder someone, you will be prosecuted and found guilty. A badge doesn’t give you the right to do what you want with impunity.

There has never been equality. Even members of my own family think they understand the situation and blame black people for what our government intentionally did to them, because in their uneducated lack of understanding, devoid of any real research into the issue, think they know what is going on – yet they don’t. Their “experience” is such a small part of the truth. Don’t you dare say cops, any cops, are racist. Not in my house! Do what they tell you to do even if that means you have to let them drag you out of your car and beat you so then – hopefully – they won’t kill you. If you don’t do that, it’s your own fault if they shoot you. Is this really what it comes down to? Is that what you have to teach your children?

So it will be up to the children – like this young teenager – who will have to say, “Enough! I will not let you make me be like you! I will not let you divide my generation and turn us into hateful people. It doesn’t matter what color we are. Color doesn’t make us criminals. And my whiteness doesn’t make me better than anyone else!” Yet he had to be glad to have “white privilege” so he doesn’t have to deal with what black and brown kids deal with every day. So sad. 

Those were not only his words. You can hear his words. We need to teach our children not to hate. I look at this nation of supposed Christians with disgust. Trump is being treated like he is the second coming of Christ by those who condone his disgusting rhetoric and cheer on his hate while they salivate. This example of human being – this example of Christianity is so far from what it was supposed to be and turned it into something as bad as the Muslims who are the terrorists. We are also the terrorists. They come after us like BLM wants to stop the people who come after them. Too many in white America think they and our country are blameless. They think we are the good guys. We used to be – a long time ago.

We can’t cure ignorance. Hate tastes too good on their tongues. It is like an addiction to a drug, but what they crave, what makes them feel good, is the feeling of hate in the empty cavity that used to have a heart.

Children – calling all youth. This country need your help. Stand up for mankind before your leaders and perhaps your parents and teachers destroy what is left of mankind. You’ll be alive after they are dead. What kind of world do YOU want to live in?

Share this please. Something needs to be done.

Sonni Quick – grandmother of two half black grandsons who are being taught to respect authority, but who is teaching the authority to respect them?


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6 thoughts on “White Boy Privilege

    1. It was weird watching that pastor give the opening “statement ‘ it was like saying Trump was the second coming of Jesus and that Trump had been such a good Christian man. i nearly threw up, and the faces of the people were looking at him with rapture on their faces. it must have been something in the kool-aid!

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        1. Thank you. We are only going to survive by not letting them run us over. But there has been too much apathy for too long. I try to have hope but when I see people I know behave they way they do and they think it is right, it is scary.


            1. Thank you very much. All pieces can be found at soundcloud.com/sonni-quick. I’m recuperating from surgery on my left arm and its very difficult to play right now. It will take awhile. This piece, though is one of my favorites along with, For The Children, and Remembering My life. I had just decided to come out of retirement and scouting piano bars to play again when I fell. Life has a way of throwing curveballs, doesn’t it?


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