This is a bit different from what I usually post and has nothing to do with our prisons, but it has everything to do with people – the people who looked at this country as a better place to live and life would be better if they could just move here – and they do. Now this is such an angry country blaming everyone else for all the ills of the world but never looking at themselves or this country think, “What did we do to cause so much hate to people who only want a safe place to raise their families.” I have lately been so ashamed of my fellow Americans who feel justified with their hate and feel no responsibility to make it better.


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9 thoughts on “The Day We Decided Black Lives Don’t Matter

  1. I hate the fact that our corporate media is successfully twisting the #BlackLivesMatter movement into something it isn’t. There is probably more to the story of the two vets who went on a shooting rampage than we’re hearing because our media no longer reports news or places events in any kind of context.

    I can imagine what it must feel like to be a Black man who went into combat to protect his country only to discover that it was all based on lies.

    I can imagine how it must feel to return to a nation that complacently accepts the fact that it sent it’s military to kill people who had done nothing to hard it.

    I can imagine what it feels like to come home damaged to a Congress of rich white bigots who can’t find the money to help me repair the damage done to my life.

    I can imagine that watching videos of the police brutalizing and killing black men would send me over the edge.

    In a healthy nation we would be discussing ways to Unite and we would fund services to restore our returning vets to functional lives.

    But this is not a healthy nation.

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    1. Sadly, I think they are deliberately twisting it to rile people up – because all people aren’t that stupid. But the media keeps making it the most important definition and it makes enough people angry that it seems that is what all people think. If I am wrong then we have a lot more closet racists than I ever thought possible. People get off on anger. They enjoy blaming people for everything. they find the ones they are able to twist and that makes the media. I hate to see where this is going. People ii know are saying some of the dumbest things.

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      1. I also think that GOP operatives are posing as Bernie-Bots on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

        I used to moderate a political discussion site during the Bush years and I noticed that GOP operatives joined the site and posed as outraged progressives who hated John Kerry.

        Democrats can be as star struck as anyone else but we don’t act and sound like cult members; that’s a GOP thing.

        They treat GOP Presidents like infallible messiahs while Dems will always trash a Dem president

        I prefer that to the kind of cult ugliness I saw in Cleveland this week.

        The next time you see a Bernie bot spreading bile about Hillary notice the tone of voice.

        If it’s angry and hateful it’s probably a GOP Operative. I live in the most liberal city in the country and ALL of my friends who were Sanders supporters are voting for Hillary.

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        1. interesting. My husband says no matter what we need to keep Trump out and agree with that but it is so much harder this time to vote for Hillary because i see no difference between her and every other career politician. I never really thought of what I was reading as coming from someone who is a “bot” but I think I need to pay attention more.

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          1. I’ve been watching the convention. I wrote something about the false similarities our media creates:

            Many progressives underestimate the impact of the Occupy Movement and Sanders on the Democratic Party.

            This is not the same Democratic Party of the 1990’s and Hillary is the target of an organized smear campaign which somehow involves the Russians.

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            1. Yes, I was reading about that today – lately it has all been about Putin – but what I read was about Putin and Trump the most. I will read what you wrote. Sadly so many people think that if something was written then it has to be truth and then spread around. Some people will believe anything.

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