This is interesting.  It follows the lives of several prisoners and also the prison guards who have to keep everyone safe. I had never seen a prison like this one.  It is round with many tiers of cells.  You can look up from the inside and see layer upon inmates layer guard tower is in the middle.  These inmates seldom leave their cells. This is an unusual style of prison and totally unlike any Jamie has been in. The thought of having to live the rest of life there would be a horrible thought.

It is evident, though, listening to the inmates talk, the one thing that keeps the minds of the men in one piece,  and also keeps violence at a minimum are the visits they get from the outside.  When inmates are moved out of the range of family there is an escalation of violence and also depression.

Quite often men (I don’t know if this holds true as much for women), lose their relationships when they go to prison. More so if it is a girlfriend, not a wife. Some women can’t handle the time they will be gone. Life goes on. But sometimes a man finds a girlfriend while incarcerated that starts out as a pen pal. These relationships can be insecure. If the woman starts missing visits or goes to long without writing there is fear they’ve lost her even though nothing had been said. If they can’t call and reassure themselves it can become a major loss – until their next communication. You will see that with one man in the video who is very much in love with a woman who didn’t make a visit. There is also the fear they will be moved to a far away prison out of range to visit.

The food is often rotten.  One inmate showed the camera the food that had just been delivered to him.  There was, among other things like macaroni salad, two pieces of baloney that were turning green.  It was inedible.  Why is it that there is no oversight of the food they are served? You wouldn’t feed your dog this food.

The inmate with the tattoos all over his face is not someone who will most likely never see life outside of prison.  To mutilate yourself like that would mean you had no hope, but I don’t know his story.  But to look at him tells me that his problems started at a very young life.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Violent Prison Documentary

    1. I didn’t see the guy on the picture. Is 38 minutes long. Part of the research I do is listening to stories. The sad ones are those never getting out. I don’t know how they cope with knowing that. With Jamie, knowing he can count down the years helps him but still he sometimes suffers terrible bouts of depression. Lately I was later than answering a letter and he thought he lost me, or I was mad at him, he’d done something wrong. Fortunately a letter arrived for him right after. I’ve been his only stay person there for him. Abandoned by family. It is why the book I’m writing is so important. First draft done but still lots if work to do. If you are interested I also started a newsletter. You’ll see a link in the white part of the blog at the top. Once a month right now. Those that subscribe will be able to download the book for free. Thanks

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