In 1962 the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons James V Bennet, convened a meeting in Washington DC with a group of Social Scientist and Wardens from around the country.  On the agenda was the unveiling of a new control technique program entitled “The C.A.M.P system”.  An acronym for countering anti-socialism modification project.  The topic of discussion was the examination of the emergence of the so called “Black Militant” in the nations prisons. 

There was a growing concern among US Government officials and Penologist that this phenomenon of “militant minded” negroes who were perceived as a threat due to their practice of an unorthodox form of political and cultural expression which prison officials viewed as a threat to the order and control of the countries state and federal prison system and possibly national security. 

As a result of director Bennett’s absurd and paranoid delusions relative to the growth and educational values of these so called militant minded negroes who were providing one another through study and research, with an historical and true account of their patrimony here in America.  Director Bennet along with other government officials began to implement programs designed to impede, regress, and ultimately retard this cultural and militant insurgent which had spawned the likes of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and later George Jackson and countless others who rose from anonymity out of the nations prison system and emerged as social and spiritual paragons representing the disenfranchised in general, black and POOR people in particular. 

Director Bennet then introduced their key note speaker Dr. Edgar Schein to the small assembled group of 64 men. All of whom were of European descendant.  Dr. Edgar Schein’s background had included studying the psychological impact on former holocaust survivors and their experiences in Nazi Germany concentration camps in his dissertation, aptly named “Man vs. Man”.  Dr. Schein provided the group with various scenarios on behavioral patterns and antidotal countermeasures relative to the so called “negroid pathos”.  The following excerpts are transcribed from this infamous September 18, 1962 meeting, procured from Federal archives via the Federal Freedom of Information Act and are revealed here for your critique and cerebration.
“Gentlemen, in order to produce marked changes in behavior and attitude it is necessary to weaken, undermine or remove the support systems of the old patterns of behavior and the old attitudes.  Because most of these supports are the face to face confirmation of present behavior and attitudes, which are provided to those with whom close emotional ties exist, it is therefore essential to eradicate those emotional bonds.  This can be done either by removing the individual physically and preventing any communication with those whom he cares about or by proving to him, the prisoner, that those whom he respects are not worthy of it and indeed should be actively distrusted.”  -Dr. Edgar Schein, Sept. 18, 1962

Dr. Schein then presented to the assembled group a literary of suggestions and tactics designed to attain “behavioral modifications” desirable by prison officials to control the thinking patterns of its incarcerated populace and to curtail or reduce an appetite for cultural or political aspirations.  These 24 accumulous and widely implemented tactics & maneuvers are set out below:

1.  the physical removal of prisoners to areas sufficiently isolated to effectively break or seriously weaken close emotional ties.
2.  identify and segregate all natural leaders.
3.  use of cooperative prisoners as leaders.
4.  prohibition of group activities not in line with brainwashing objectives.
5.  spying on prisoners and reporting back private materials.
6.  manipulating prisoners into making written statements which are then shown to others.
7.  exploitation of opportunist and informers.
8.  convincing prisoners that they can trust no other prisoner.
9.  treating those who are willing to cooperate in a far more lenient way than those who are not.
10.  punishing those who show uncooperative attitudes.
11.  systematic withholding of mail and other correspondence.
12.  preventing contact with anyone non-sympathetic  to the method of treatment and regimen of the captive populace.
13.  disorganization of all group standards among prisoners.
14.  building a group conviction among the prisoners that they have been abandoned by, and totally isolated from their social order.
15.  undermining all emotional support.
16.  preventing prisoners from communicating with family and supporters regarding the conditions of their confinement,
17.  making available and permitting access to only those publications and books that contain materials which are neutral to, or supportive of the desired new attitude.
18.  placing individuals into new and ambiguous situations for which the standards and rules and policies are deliberately kept unclear and then putting pressure on the prisoner to conform to what is desired in order to win favor and a reprieve from the pressure.
19.  placing the prisoner whose will power has been severely weakened or eroded into a soft living environment with others who are further advanced in their brainwashing reform who’s job is to influence the teetering prisoner to give up and assimilate into the desired behavior.
20.  using techniques of character invalidation, i.e., humiliations, revilements, shouting, isolation; to promote sensory deprivation, to induce feelings of guilt, fear, and suggestibility.
21.  meeting all insincere attempts to conform with the desired thought patterns with renewed hostility.
22.  repeatedly pointing out to the prisoner that those prisoners whom he respects as a leader and example of strength is not living up to the values and militant principles that he espouses.  supplanting the thought that all other prisoners are hypocrites and liars.
23.  rewards for submission and subservient attitudes which embrace the brainwashing objectives by providing praise and emotional support to those who embrace the desired behavior(brainwashing) which reinforces the new attitudes.
24.  making sure that if a once militant prisoner is ever revealed as being a snitch or a homosexual, that all prisoners learn of his disgrace in order to create doubt and misgivings in the environment.  Creating false rumor, character assassination on a militant prisoner.

Following Dr. Scheins dissertation, director Bennet delivered his closing remarks to the group “…one of the things we must do, gentlemen, is more research.  It was suggested that we have a very large organization with tremendous opportunity here to conduct some of the experiments that have been alluded to.  We can manipulate our environment and culture.  We can adopt many of the techniques Dr. Schein has discussed.  Do things on your own, gentlemen.  Undertake little experiments, see what you can do with the Muslims?  There is a lot of research to do.  Do it as individuals, do it as groups and report back to us the results.”

It is worth taking note that back in 1962, over 53 years ago, B.O.P. director James V. Bennet implored his adherents to “do things on your own, undertake little experiments”.  Indeed these “experiments” have blossomed into full-blown projects as of 2007.  Enacted under the guise of prison programs clandestinely entitled, (STG) security threat group, “conflict resolution“, “personal growth and system adjustment“, “impulse control“, “re-entry program opportunity for change” group therapy, MPRI; the generals of these 2007 programs is none other than Dr. Scheins 1962 “Man vs. Man” brainwashing formula and programming.  Specifically designed to impede and prevent development of the militant mind set of the so called negro prisoner, but is not limited to black people or people of any race or color, who finds himself in the bowels of the BOP. 

Bearing in mind that the term militant simply means ready and willing to fight; esp., vigorous and aggressive in support or promotion of a self interest cause.  Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, George Jackson, Dr. King and even Marcus Garvey, all of whom spent time behind bars, were all “militant minded” and while behind bars they never required any group therapy or re-entry programming.  The clear and obvious import for the influx and emphasis of these “programs” for the contemporary “prisoner” is to ensure that he or she does not become the next Malcolm X or Dr. King.

The most insidious of Dr. Schein’s tactics is that of #14, i.e. “building a group conviction among prisoners that they have been abandoned by and totally isolated from their social order“.  Simply stated, they are not wanted by their own communities or families, that their own community also condones and supports, encourages all of the emotional, psychological and physical mistreatment, in some cases torture and death, at the hands of racist and sadistic prison officials and guards.  In response to this sense of abandonment by both family and community, the prisoner returns to his family and community, not as the welcomed prodigal son, nor in the likeness of a Malcolm X.  But instead, he or she returns with a mindset of rage, disconnectedness, indifference and views his own family and community by extension as his oppressor, consequently he becomes an enemy of his own community.  Tactic # 14 plays the community and the prisoner against one another, thus it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of the “ex-felon”, “parolee” inflicting terror upon his own family or community. 

Most prisoners will return to their community someday, and how they return depends on whether or not they succumb to the brainwashing system.  By becoming neutralized, not possessing the militant mind set to uplift their communities and families in the spirit of a Malcolm X upon their return to society. 

Those who resist the brainwashing tactics are then systematically subjected to the list of ploys prescribed by Dr. Schein, e.g. denial of paroles, placed in maximum security facility that has been strategically placed in some rural outpost, tortured or mistreated…  the prisoner has been labeled, characterized, ostracized, stigmatized by the MDOC regime as one who is deserving of distrust, dangerous, a killer, rapist, and all around mad man.  The beguiled public’s indoctrinated embrace of these stereotypical characterization allows for the self fulfilling prophecy to be played out.  Conversely, those prisoners who do succumb to the brainwashing tactics become defeatist sycophants returning to their families and communities neutralized and countervailed. This is psychological warfare.


Disclaimer – sometime ago I was doing research on Dr. Edgar Shein and I didn’t write down from where I got this info.  It was too good to not print.  My intention was not to plagiarize.  This explains much of the reasoning behind the intentions of locking up so many of the black race to try to use mind control in the form of segregation and removing personal property and family contact to make them feel worthless and abandoned. They were not wanted by their communities when they were let out of prison. These doctors thought they could control them and make them less dangerous. Instead they end up seriously injuring many prisoners by increasing their grip on reality through mental illness. The thought that they thought this was an acceptable thing to do is obscene.

Because of where racism is headed – the hate has been let out of the bottle and people now feel free to admit how racist they really are. Instead of not being sure how they will be accepted in society if they admit to being racist, and admitting they really do feel they are a superior race, more people think it is acceptable to openenly perform hate crimes against people they feel are beneath them.  It is not the black people that need to be feared, but rather the white people who don’t want their station in life to be perceived as being less than what they falsely believe to be truth.


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12 thoughts on “Mind Control – 24 Tactics used on the “Black Militant”

  1. When an inmate gets paroled they have step down programs. There are other ways they help inmates reintegrate. They help get them placed in a halfway house if they have no family – but – if they serve all their time they just get put out on the street with a bus ticket to nowhere and $50-100. Often, people in solitary confinement go from that environment one day, don’t know they are being released, and get put out with 30 days of meds. No help. Mentally they are incapable of picking up the pieces of their lives. If they have been inside a long time they don’t know what to do and end up under a bridge or get picked up for vagrancy or many other things they deem is crime and get sent back.


    1. There is so much we don’t know about the things our govt does – and maybe that is a good thing. I do know that black people were targeted in the 60’s by Nixon. he was very racist and started the war on drugs just to lock them up and destroy their family infrastructure, but we had been trying to do that for so long anyway. He put the first prison target on them in a big way.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It makes me wonder if I really want to know, except these things do all affect us. We can try to go through our lives trying to look the other way but it catches up with us – then we don’t want to believe it when the hate smacks us in the face. After this election how do we stuff the hate back in the bottle? We can’t.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. It’s a helpless feeling, knowing you want to do something and knowing you don’t know what. I think that happens to many people – they think their effort would make no difference so they do nothing. Sadly, this is why so much of what has happened to our lives – the earth – and things corporations and the government get away with – because people think they can’t do anything so they don’t try. They have their lives to live and try to keep together in spite of everything that is done to them and they are tired at the end of the day. for instance – and a different subject – Monanto and GMO foods. 97% pf people want to know what is in their food and we are not allowed to know – because Monsanto has the money, and the bought government officials to make sure it is in their favor and not the people. If 97% can’t change it then what can? So we end up having to look the other way over all the things we know are wrong because we are sure we can do nothing about it – and people get hurt. That is sad, and will become the total destruction of everything we are. hopefully I will be dead by then – but my grandchildren won’t be, or my great grandchildren. But what do we do when all we can do is get angry?

              Liked by 1 person

    1. Who is to blame – we are always to blame for our actions. The hard part, though, is many people don’t have the wisdom to understand that. Whatever is thrown at you we have the choice to react and in what way we react. I know people who play “the victim” because they don’t want to be responsible for their life, but those that re – offend, or re – anything, they didn’t learn the lesson they needed to learn. The law of cause and effect is very strict.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I agree . That is what I mean. Don’t blame prisoners for how they respond to treatment. We have let society down. When you spoke of how some prisoners do get parole or released – if the brainwashing techniques have worked- which they seem to have, is it any wonder why the Poor or the Black community have no inspirational leaders to look up to.
        It is a disgrace to humanity.


        1. I would have never known anything about this had I not meet Jamie. If I hasn’t goneto tx to visit her when I did and meet him when I did. Meeting himhas changed my entire life and gave me a focus for my life. As a kid I brought home every stay cat. As an adult it became people and to learn how mistreated they are was hard I couldn’t not try to do something even if it only trying to educate people. I’m going to put together a post of what I think are important early posts. New readers don’t know the beginning and I think it would help them understand his story a bit more and hopefully get more people to sign up for my newsletter. It’s been good talking to you.


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