So how is the book writing coming along, “Inside The Forbidden Outside?” I have learned some very important things. as a new author. There is more that needs to be learned than I ever realized, especially about self-publishing vs publishing houses. There are pros and cons to both, and most likely getting a book contract isn’t going to happen, which you will learn after sending your manuscript to all the remaining houses. Self publishing has dug deep into the viability of regular publishing houses.  Many have closed and editors have been laid off. They don’t put the time and money into those they choose and you still have to do your own marketing in many areas.  But If you aren’t willing to learn how to market your book you are going to be begging your friends and family to buy it and give it away as gifts.

I am trying to learn the business end while I finish the writing or I will end up with a book and no one to sell it to. Just putting it up for sale on online sties like Amazon doesn’t get it sold.  Putting out a few Facebook notices and tweets isn’t enough, either. I realized that it was myself who put me on such a tight time schedule when I thought in the beginning how long it should take when I had no idea what i was talking about. So it is going to take longer than I had thought it would.

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We can dream great dreams. “Inside The Forbidden Outside”

Sometimes I read something that makes me doubt myself.  Who am I to think I can do something that so few succeed at doing. Why do I think I am special? I said this to my mother the other day – a woman who against the odds is recuperating from a severe stroke. She said, “Never give up.You can never give up. That is why people fail.”  I see what she is doing.  She is my rock.  She has never given up on me.

The ITFO newsletter is being written to find the people who also believe in me.  Those that read what I write and leave me comments about what I am doing for Jamie – because this is what it all about.  I have to be successful for him because I believe in him. Help me help him. Share this newsletter and help me build my mailing list of people to tell when the book is done. When I am done it will be a good product. I have the first draft done and I’m doing my own first edit because I have learned a lot about writing since the beginning. Right now I am also reading and studying what other people have done who I have met along the way. If you have read my writings and want to help, then the best thing to do is share this – oh! I already said that!

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6 thoughts on “So How is The Book Writing Coming Along?

    1. Easily done – not so easy – Any one can put book up on amazon and keep their fingers crossed. I’ve read some pretty crappy self pub books because they thought they could edit themselves, etc. The average self pub book sells less than 100 copies because people don’t take the time to develop their platform. To do it right takes money and good guidance from people. No it is not “easy enough” if you want to do a good job, not if it is important to you – unless you want to throw together an ebook and do nothing else with it.


    1. We just have to remember to sweep them out with the rubbish! We certainly don’t need to have people tell us that what we want to do is impossible. I’m a strong person and don’t let things get me down for long, but some people, they don’t have a lot of confidence in thenmselves – all they need is to read that and they will think, “What is the use? I’ll never be able to do it.”. And you are right, we are only as good as the last thing we have done, and the stress to stay on top, in any career is hard. So first and foremost we should always write, or act, write music or dance because we love it. That is what comes through to our audiences

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        1. You are so right. There are those who think they can and those who think they can’t – and they are both right. I tell this to many people. You can’t win in life if you don’t think you can.


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