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There is much I could say here about solitary confinement, but you can find many other posts and pages on my blog that speak of it. I published this post before and it has been read and watched over 8500 times over more than two years. with a few updates it was worth published it again.  This is just as important now as it has ever been. There are links beneath the post when you click on it to take it out of the archive roll that can take you to other sites that will give you many more examples of it. The best one is Solitary Watch

Between the story of the man this blog is about, who has spent a number of years in ad seg and solitary confinement years largely in retaliation for standing up for his rights and the rights of other inmates; almost 11 years total in prison, first offense, with 6 years to go, and others like Armando Macias, who has become an interesting pen pal over the last couple years. He has 3 pages here that can be found at the top of the page in the white area of his writings about his experiences when he arrived on death row and the humiliations they put him through. I recently found out he just got married to his long ago love in his life. How do marriages work in prison? That is a topic for another post. I can only tell you now he is as happy as any other newly married man because he knows he is loved, regardless of his past. He has hope. I have learned more than I ever wish there was a need to know about prisons. It has opened up in a sense of compassion for people that most others would throw away as having no value. There are good and bad people in prison just as there are good and bad people in the population.

I sincerely hope you keep on reading while you are here, and return often. Jamie’s story is one that needs to be told. You probably came to this page from a social media site. If you go to the page that starts out with, “I want to encourage you . . .” You will find out the important places to start first reading that will give you a better understanding of the purpose of the blog. So often people do the wrong thing for the right reason but that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. And it doesn’t mean he should lose so many years of his life because of it, unless there is financial motivation. During 9 years we have been writing it gave me a clear understanding of how necessary it was to help him. He mattered to me. This one human being, younger than my daughter, father to one of my grandsons, who wants to have another chance at life.

Prisons are kept full using the backdoor method – mostly parole violations, not new crimes, although they do exist. Actual rehabilitation is not really a high priority. The fact that Jamie also has epilepsy and has had a multitude of seizures while inside, will only make it that much harder to find work. The fact that he spent over 4 years in juvy on a bogus charge from late 16 to 21, and not able to get an education will also make it harder. Renting a place to live will be the hardest. He is worried and he has a good reason to be.

In addition to these things you will find music media files on some of the posts. I am an improvisational pianist and and play and record music that fits the emotion of how I feel when I write. I hope you enjoy them. Any one of those pieces will take you to SoundCloud where there are 29 pieces total.

I’m writing a book about Jamie’s experiences with the justice system and bad prison policy in general titled “Inside the Forbidden Outside” Publishing a book when you have never published one is a daunting task. I spend most of my day writing and learning about the business of writing.

I also put out a newsletter once a month about prison issues, stories of other inmates, updates on how the book is coming along, and other information. You can sign up below.

Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “My Last Day After 18 1/2 Years in Confinement

  1. I guess it’s good they’re about to be released…but I was under the impression that inmates can still study while in prison, per I have heard of others that have received certifications & degrees while incarcerated.

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    1. Sorry I’m so late answering. I broke my shoulder and fractured my arm Monday night and isin swype to type with my right hand.Not fun but that’s Loire. To answer your question it depends what level they are on. And if the are in a low, medium our high security unit. These a are the levels starting at the top G2, G4, G5 ( also called ad seg and solitary. There is little difference between those three. The bottom three everything comes to you – like food – and you aren’t allowed out more than one hour a day – to the exercise cages, medical or to shower if your cell doesn’t have one. More and more ad serg prisons have a shower in them and they turn the water on for very short period of time, just like you can’t flush the toilets. They all flush a couple times a day. If you are black you are more likely to be in ad Seg and will stay there for years.There is no human contact unless the guard is Putin on our taking off shackles. You can’t participate in any learning and you can’t work. in tx you don’t get paid for working no matter what you do.So there is no way to earn money to by deodorant or paper and stamps our cleaning supplies. If you don’t have family you’re stuck. In G4 you can walk to chow so you get hot meals but you run a great risk of fights, often set up by the guards. You are safer in your cell. In G4 you have more access to the commissary and the day room to watch TV. Only when you reach G2 can you earn the privilege of making phone calls and getting a job to do Laundry,kitchen some kind of cleaning. You can also get on a waiting list to study for your GED and learn a trade. You can also have visits sitting at a table and not behind glass. In almost 11 years Jamie has only reached G2 for one threeree week period. It was the only time I’ve heard his voice except if I visited. I live far away and don’t have the money to travel often. After 3weekweeks at G2 deceit of the guards they took it away. You might ask, how do I know he’s telling the truth? Because he tells,when he screws up. It’s hard to let people screw with and always keep your calm and let them go it. How do you not react sometimes? He had GED book he was studying from. They move inmates from prison to prison. His last move the property manner took it from him along with his radio and exchanged his fan for a broken one. Some states are worse than others. They count on them being on a revolving door. It’s the easiest, cheapest way to keep rhe prisons full. If you keep up at all on the people who are finally Fred because they aren’t guilty you feel find that most of them are black. Crooked attorneys. When Jamie went to juvy for 4years when he was almost 17 it want because he committed a crime – the officer committed the crime,and what put him in prison he took a plea of 17 because public defender said they would pile on charges and need very 50-99 years He was with a cousin whotried to rob a club they were at and Jamie ran – so he got the same charges In january NHS will be 34 and well h 6 years to go. My daughter was pregnant at the time. He has never touched his son. He is a good man and only wantsa chance to prove it. He wants to go to school and work with kids. I’ve just written a book on his life that is still in the editing phase. If you subscribe to my newsletter -ITFO – I put updates about it in there., The newsletter is once a month and is on various topics about prison. The latest one was about the children of inmates.I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Knowledge is a valuable tool.Take care! Sonni

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    1. Getting involved in the prison system and getting to know different inmates has made a big impact on my life. Not everyone in prison is a bad person and so many have long lived enough punishment for what they have done without taking away the ability to have a life once again on the outside. We need so many changes. it is said that it became a “for profit”. some of the things they do and they way they let every day corporations bid on slave labor for pennies and then say other companies leave the US and take away jobs, when there are millions of people in prison who take away jobs and getting paid under a dollar and hour for their labor. Some labor is free and the average is .29. But the thank you is from me – for reading and watching and hopefully sharing the knowledge.


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