If this doesn’t make you cry, nothing will.  I found this as I was preparing the next issue of the ITFO Newsletter, which is about the children of inmates.  Since I am still learning the program I couldn’t get this video to play when the newsletter was opened so I decided to post it separate. I’ll be posting the newsletter tomorrow.

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One thought on “Children Of Prisoners Reunite With Their Fathers Behind Bars

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    I rarely put the same blog post on both of my blogs but the response I received from this you tube video was overwhelming.It really his home why it is so important to take of the children of inmates. They have to deal with so much that their young minds aren’t capable of dealing with yet.

    Children often blame themselves for things beyond their control. They may have to deal with a parent who has broken their trust. They also may be in the middle of a marriage mess and being used as a weapon. So many children of inmates – 70% – end up going through the system themselves because of low self esteem or never acquiring the tools to cope. We need to do more for the children.

    Please go to the original blog post and click “like” for her post

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