This is a blog I read today for the first time. Actually, she found me. I always try to go back and see what their blog is about. I’m a bit behind right now because of my broken shoulder and arm so I’m about slow. But please go take a look. Save any comments our likes for her blog. I’m interested in seeing where she is going.

Minority America

People get thrown into the system all of the time but no one really stops to consider what that truly means. Putting someone in prison not only destroys the rest of their life, it also creates more problems for their family. Children are much more likely to be incarcerated if one of their parents are, or have been. It also hurts them financially because the family has to pay their fines and pay for phone calls and bail if needed. This has a huge impact on them.

Say you started out in one of those neighborhoods that are high in crime. No one wants to hire you because they know where you are from. Since you can’t come up with the money in legal ways you resort to crime. Now the police caught up with you and you find yourself in prison. Now your already struggling family has to pay for…

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