A new blogger. An X-prisoner sharing his thoughts after nearly 10 years inside. Someday Jamie will get out. Maybe this man can teach me things for when that happens. I don’t know. But I wanted to encourage you to go to his blog and help him get started. He has something to say worth reading.

Soul On Rice

My New Years resolutions were always the same:
(1) To stay out of confinement, “The Box.” (2) To count my blessings and be thankful for every moment. (3) To wake up happy.

Only weeks into the new year and I had already violated the first one. I was sitting on my bunk, the top one, feet swinging, looking out the window. It was difficult because the window guard was a steel sheet with hundreds of quarter-inch holes in it. To get a good look outside I had to press my nose against that cold perforated window guard and make sure my pupils were aligned with two of the holes. If done properly a portion of the prison compound would be visible and you’d get to see the sun blanketing the grass, making it a bright green, like it was glowing. I’m sure others looked through those confinement windows trying to spot their…

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4 thoughts on “The Most Comfortable Cell in the World

  1. Sonni! Glad we found each other. Thank you so much for re-posting. I, like Jaime, was arrested when I was 16, sentenced to 16 years, and was released when I was 25, so, to be exact, I did 9 years, which is what I mean when I write “nearly a decade.” You mentioned wanting to hear more of my story. I am wholeheartedly willing to share my experiences. I will definitely continue to read your posts, and I’m hoping you do the same. I am currently working on a memoir too, about my time in prison. P{lease, feel free to reach out to me whenever you wish. I am honored that you’re interested in my writing and that you’re reading my posts.

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    1. I think the more exposure of the human beings who have been, or are in prison will hopefully help more people understand that they are reading about real people. People who began as children and some weren’t fortunate enough to have perfect parents who taught all good concepts and provided everything they needed. I had a good family life but when I left home I made lousy choices with the wrong people. Why I didn’t end up locked up is amazing. I had a crazy life. Drugs that gave me hep C and 4years ago a liver transplant. We all live in different kinds of prisons. If we don’t learn from those mistakes then we’re doomed to repeat them. I learned a long time ago the importance of creating value with my life. Everything happens for a reason. Jamie coming into my life opened up a world I knew nothing about. I knew I could create value with people society threw away. Every cause has an effect. If I help someone they will help another. Yes, I will read as you write. I like to post other writings. It is the emotion that makes people respond. I couldn’t tell you how often I’ve been told “It made me cry.” Then I knew they understood. I have shed many years of sadness over the life Jamie has lost so far.

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      1. I know what Jamie is going through. I was there from 16 to 25 years old. He is lucky though, to have you in his corner. I agree when you say “We all live in different kinds of prisons.” It is those kinds of statements that show what an understanding and wise person you are. I’m glad we both made it through the craziness of life. We’re here, so we’ve been blessed.

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        1. There is a reason I lived through my life. I came very very close to not being here. That was a wake up call that now was not the time to sit back and do nothing. Our legacy is the affect we have on people that cause them to have an effect on others in a positive way. I have wondered, if I had not sent that letter to my daughter’s boyfriend at the end of his first year to ask him how he was, what would have happened to him? What direction would my life have taken? I meet him once when he was 21, maybe 22 when I flew to Texas to see my daughter that thanksgiving. He was so shy, so polite. If you look on my blog, at the bottom, is a carousel of pictures. You will see one that has two grandchildren, my daughter and a chunky black young man looking at his feet but smiling. They had just walked into my hotel room and I immediately snapped a picture. I could get him to look up. That picture endeared him to me. Everyone abandoned him. My daughter grew very angry with me because I wouldn’t let her forget him. But they have a son and that boy gives him the reason to learn how to live and to realize his life has value. He has said there are so many inside who have no one. He asked if it was okay to share what he gets be it food or books. Because he tries to help people he has often been punished for it. Why is it write up to share a book? Why is it a write up to get caught “taking care of yourself”? A young man alone with himself. They think they can control hormones? And use it as a reason to put in adseg?Deprive someone of enough and they are going to pop open somewhere. So I try to give him as much normalcy to think about as I can and to know someday it will be over and the next phases starts. Different but can be just as hard. Society makes you pay and pay and pay. And if you have health issues it’s even harder.


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