It’s good to have something positive to post in the middle of so many things that need to be changed in the prison system. I met the author of this blog through Armando, an inmate I’ve written about before who is on death row in Ca. He is also an artist and he knew Anja Claudia Pentrop, who lives in Germany. Coincidentally, she and I connected through Jamie’s facebook page – jamielifeinprison because she saw a post I had written about Armando. It’s amazing how small the world is.

She has given artists behind bars a platform to show their work. A person, any person, no matter what they have done isn’t defined by that action as being all they are. An artist is still an artist. A writer is still a writer, a father is still a father. Being in a prison for life is something you and I could never understand. Something wrong may have been committed but there is an entire person who has done many other things that make up who they are. If their punishment is life in prison then that is their punishment. I don’t believe in adding inhumane treatment out of vengeance if they have remorse. They have already been given the ultimate loss – their life was taken away.

So let the artist leave a legacy and leave a positive footprint in the sand.

Art Through Prison Bars

Before Travis got any kind of feedback of the collaborative art exhibition
„Death Penalty vs. Human Rights (1)”which I mentioned in the post before I sent him an interview to get his thoughts.

Also other death row prisoners from Zambia and the USA participated with art pieces inside the exhibition which was an idea by Travis and me.

The interview was given to some people from different newspaper so do not wonder that I am writing about myself as “an artist from Germany”.

Questions Anja Claudia Pentrop Answers Travis Runnels

You had worked with an artist from Germany to create an art show about the death penalty and human rights. What did that mean to you to be part of that creation and the organziation of the show?
A chance, an opportunity to reach out to people through words and images. It gave me a feeling of purpose that…

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Travis Runnels

  1. I believe travis runnels was wrongfully sentenced for 70 years for agg robbery!!!!! You get less for murder! Living in jail with this length of sentence overtime would be very destressing and would make anyone angry. Which i believe pushed him to his limits and he commited murder. I believe he didnt need to be punished for the 70 years and the so called justice system was not fair in this case!

    Prosecutors need to look at this case and be accountable!

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    1. Hi Michelle, the first thing to understand is that the criminal justice system is NOT fair. It has never been fair. There is so much money to be made in so many ways that ruining some black man’s life is not important. To them.It is so far out of hand and so many people are involves, including many of our elected politicians who get campaign money to run for office. They are indebted to these corporations. It is why I do everything I do to help educate People to the truth.We have to Learn to think and to stop electing people without thoroughly understandŵ what their platform is.


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