Source: African Politics and the World Situation | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

I’m not going to kid you, this is a long article.  But if you are looking for truth in the situation surrounding primarily Detroit which has been intentionally targeted and politicized to shape the area in the way white politicians see as the best way for them, not the people, and rid the city of all those pesky black people, then this article will give you those facts and not hide behind hyperbole and cloud the situation with opinion.

This article goes beyond that one city and shows you how other politics in other parts of the world tie into it. We all should have learned by now that “the news” is not the news.  It is an interpretation about how someone “feels” about things that are happening depending on what side you are on.  I no longer read any article that says something might happen or could happen at any point in the future.  I am only interested in those things that have happened or are happening.

Even though most people at least partially understand the plight off the black race, not enough time has been spent by most people to understand the real reason why. Exactly who and what is to prosper from it’s decimation – and why? Is there anything, with the protests and anger surfacing in greater numbers every day, going to be enough to change something as huge as this when there is no one entity that can be made to understand it must stop?  And does that mean we should go meekly into our respective corners and stick our heads in the sand? Absolutely not.

Spend a little time and educate yourself.  Tell me what you think.  I am no authority on this and am learning the same as you.  I want to know what you think.  I know I have readers in Africa who can tell me, from their points of view, if they agree with this and how it has affected their lives.

African refugies
photo credit: Global research -African Politics and the World Situation


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