Florida prisons have the worst reps for many reasons. I can’t even begin to list why. Texas is bad without a doubt, but I sure would hate to be locked up in a Florida prison. The man who writes this is writing from a Florida prison so he knows what he is talking about.

Malcolm Ivey

An inside perspectivea0008-000053

Part 7 – No discussion on fixing the broken prison system would be complete without addressing the problem of gunning. Problem is actually an understatement. Epidemic is closer to reality. But before I get started, a quick disclaimer: If you are easily offended, you may want to skip this one.

Remember the movie Silence of the Lambs? You know the part where Clarice goes to visit Hannibal for the first time in that institution for the criminally insane? Remember the disgusting dude in the adjacent cell as she was leaving? Yeah… gunning.

In short, gunning is public masturbation and it is rampant in Florida prisons. Any time any female works any dorm in the state, you can bank on at least a few inmates – sometimes as many as 15 – peeking around corners while playing with themselves, whacking off at the sinks, some even boldly exposing…

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