This post is for people who live in the US.

I have talked to many people who have had more than their fair share of run-ins with the police, and those who get out of jail or prison and have no way to level the playing field when cops continue to harass you. This is why I originally decided to show people their is a way to have better control over your life. But this is for everyone because all of us are no finding that what we believe to be our rights under the law are being taken away from us. Plus, everyone needs an attorney at some point and would call one if they had one to call, when things go wrong.

The justice system in the US, with our new Attorney General, is now more determined than ever to lock up greater numbers of people using drug usage and crimes committed by poor people that hasn’t worked the last forty years. People who can’t afford attorneys. They don’t see the inside of a courtroom except to plead guilty whether they are or not. These people accept pleas because they have no choice. Only about 3% of arrests get to plead their case with a jury of their peers.

Even people who are guilty, without an attorney at the onset, are going to do many more years, decades even, than they would if they had the ability to say 6 magic words, “I want to call my attorney.” The police are very confident you don’t have an attorney to call. If you don’t they can and do anything they want to you and get away with it.

cop in mirrorThey can say you have a broken tail light, even if you don’t. They can force an illegal search of your car. Who is going to stop them? They can do a search and seizure and take your money and anything else they want and say they think it is drug money. They can shoot you if you don’t comply. As a woman they can search your body and stick their fingers where they don’t belong. What can you do?  You don’t have an attorney you can call.  But if you did?

The list goes on – but what if you could press an app on your phone that is answered by a law office – 24/7 for an emergency. Has this ever happened  to you? The cops do these things because poor people don’t have attorneys. Again I ask, what if you did? Do you think it would level the playing field a bit? How much would you pay for that ability? Would you pay the price of a pizza?

Do you say, ” No good law office is going to take my call and do that for me unless i pay him hundreds of dollars.  And on a Saturday night?  No way!

Let me carry this thought a little farther. You are walking down the street. Cops follow and harass you. “Why are you following me?” You ask politely. “I don’t like your punk ass,” the cop mouths off at you with a cocky sneer, because he is wearing a uniform and he’s just itching for a reason to put you face down on the ground. Maybe he didn’t like the way you crossed the street.  You tell him you have called your attorney. Your phone should already be in your hand, app pressed, ssaying, “I’m being illegally detained by a cop,” and show the cop your phone and who it dialed. Tell him, “My attorney would like to talk to you.” They won’t want to mess with you with an attorney listening.  If he really is just harassing you, looking for a punching bag, he will probably tell you, “Have a nice day,” and leave.

I can write many different scenarios about things that can happen about why a cop stops you. It might even be just for speeding or changing lanes without signaling.  The things we call ourselves names over for being stupid because we know better. But it could be other situations, some as ordinary as being screwed by a landlord, overcharged on a bill or for every single thing you sign your name to.

Every person needs an attorney hiding in their phone waiting to be called, except, oops,fox2news you didn’t think you would need it.  You thought you weren’t interested. You are a good driver.  You haven’t been stopped in a long time. You never sign your name to anything without reading every bit of fine print, right?  We all read everything their company used an attorney to write for you to sign that protects them, not you.

If you are familiar with my writing, one of my biggest concerns is what does a prison inmate do when they are released back into society? He’s watched. Is he on parole or maybe probation? That means he is still tied to the justice system. At the snap of a finger, for any reason that parole can be taken from him. It is the fastest and easiest way to keep a prison full through the back door and there is nothing you can do about it. When he is off parole he has a bulls eye on his back and absolutely no protection from anyone who implies he did anything.  It’s open season.

What is the cost per month for this privilege? About a fifth of your cable bill? The price of a run thru at fast food place? A half a tank of gas? Less then the price of an oil change? A couple boxes of Jimmy Deans breakfast sandwiches? Would that be worth paying to have an attorney in your pocket the next time a cop stops you and makes you subservient because he thinks you have no legal recourse?

There is a lot more I could tell you – after you think about this. There is one more thing, though, to consider. You, or one of your children gets pulled into a police station and is relentlessly grilled hour after hour until someone admits they did something – without a parent present. Or maybe they played good cop bad cop. “Just say this . . . and you’ll get to go home.” They don’t. They end up up getting 20 years, when they could have said instead. “I want to call my lawyer.” How much would it be worth to you to be able to say those words and possibly change the outcome of what you or your child could be facing?

Tip the scale. Look at the website. Don’t make a decision until we talk so you know everything. My grandchildren have had 2 fathers in prison. Four out of my seven grandchildren are half black or Hispanic. I’ll be damned if I will lose any of them to some racist cop who thinks it’s okay to beat up, taser or take them to jail and abuse them because of the color of their skin. Poverty level poor people, and those who just can’t afford to keep an attorney on retainer, which is all of us, need a way to protect themselves from people who think they have the right to harass us.

If you want to hear more – no commitment.  Just leave a message and say “Interested” or send me a private message or email at  It never hurts to talk. It can hurt a lot more if you don’t.


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10 thoughts on “Do You Have an Attorney in Your Contact List? Why Not?

    1. More than people realize.When things happen, even small things and you want to know what your rights are, who can you call. Even people who do have attorneys or have used them in the past wouldn’t call them because they got screwed on a bill or got a traffic ticket.And then there are the people who get harassed by the cops.It’s amazing what a call to your assigned attorney office will do when you call that minute. Or take a picture of a ticket and text it in and they handle it. My son just signed up because of a divorce issue. He can talk to that attorney as much as he wants at no extra charge. Now they are helping to fix a 10 year old bench warrant from ca.But those I’m most concerned about are those getting out of prison. How do they protect themselves? How do parents protect their teenage black and minority sons? I have two young half black grandsons that definitely don’t look white. It isn’t “if” they get harassed, It’s “when”.I’m tired of reading this crap in the media about cop racism which is getting worse – deliberately. Wanting to make protesting a felony.So many people forced to take plea deals. If you have this service before they arrest you, they can help. If you’re inside, you can’t get it until you’re out. 97% of arrests are forced to take pleases if they have no attorney.

      I guess you can tell I’m passionate about this. An entire family can be covered for under $20 a month. What do people pay for car ins? Think about it for yourself or the many people you know. Go to and read and let me know. Thanks again.

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        1. Yes, I understand that. For some, $20 a month is crucial. It is a shame it is that way in the first place. But there are others than can afford it, but don’t know they have the option. I need to try to reach these people.


  1. Good advice, but you don’t need to put them on retainer. Just have the number in your phone to call. The cops aren’t going to talk to them while they’re harassing you at a traffic stop, as the article states. If you do get arrested, use the number for a free consultation as your Miranda call.

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    1. This is not putting an attorney on retainer. That terribly expensive and you wouldn’t use them unless it’s worth paying them by the hour. And if they aren’t on retainer they won’t take your call. No, this is a service, for the same reason you have car insurance and someone rear ends you. But with this, if your rights are violated or even if you want to know if your rights have been violated you have someone to call and you are in their system. Even are regular traffic ticket. Snap a picture and send it to them instead of automatically paying it. If you get harassed, or an emergency, 24/7 you can call. For $20 a month? or get ID shield and if your identity is stolen they will restore it, not just get your money back on a credit card. So – go to and see. If you like it, let me know. I promise not to say anything else. Just spreading the word that people have options they don’t know about.

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  2. Reblogged this on Watch and Whirl and commented:

    This is important, especially in the world today and this new administrations double down on arresting even more people AND eroding away our civil rights. What we think is right is notnot what they are changing the laws to be. We need to protect ourselves z-


  3. This is such a good point! It wasn’t until I watched the 13th that I even realized most of those who are incarcerated never saw a courtroom. And yet, I know how vulnerable we can all be when we are poor. Add to that the rampant racism in our nation and you see it’s the same slavery system that built this nation. When profit comes before people we are all slaves. When this nation has more prisoners than any other country, we are still operating on the backs of those endentured. In some states, Minnesota is one, employers are obligated to offer employees a legal service. They can it out of it, but like you say, it’s affordable. I’m lucky to have access to two attorneys, one who used to be my kid’s babysitter and another a family member. It need to be available to every citizen!

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    1. I didn’t mention this, but the second half of what they do is ID Shield. Having a bank reimburse money that was stolen doesn’t restore your identity. There were man hundreds of business who were hacked just last year and more ID stolen than we can imagine. The make sure to restore you of everything. I recently pulled up my credit report and found out that I used to live in Long Beach, Ca – During the time I lived in colorado. Also about 10 years ago somehow someone got my credit card and bought over $300 of penis enhancers – of all things. The address they used was an empty lot in another state. I got my money back and a new card, but this was before it has gotten as bad as it is now. I’m back to using cash as much as possible when going into stores. ID Shield is inexpensive. I was glad to get it. it is like having ins for my car. We hope to never use it, but sooner or later we do.


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