bird in cage

How many years did you do? Or how many years did your loved one or friend do inside the walls of a different society almost oblivious of what is going on in the outside world. Snippets of information gets inside but unless you’ve been able to feel the hatred and the racism freely being shown in the world today, you have no idea what you will be walking into.

Maybe you have friends and family and maybe you don’t.  Maybe you have been inside so long you will be a stranger to the people you knew long ago. Maybe you aren’t the same person any more with the same beliefs about life.  How will you explain yourself to people who will look at your face and all they will see is the word felon across your forehead every time they look at you.  Maybe you have tattoos everywhere that people in job interviews will look at and judge you to be a problem to have around, even though they don’t know you.

Can you make enough money to live? Where will you live? How many of your old friends are still around and do you really even want to see them? You have been told most people don’t make it.  Most people end up back inside within a few years.  You never had a regular job because you were so young when you got here. Now you are middle aged. How do you begin life now? You look over your shoulder at every cop you see and they all seem to be staring at you, looking for a reason to lock you up again.

You know you are on your own.  You have met many guys who call prison “home” because they have been inside more than outside.  That isn’t you. How do you protect yourself from a society that doesn’t want you to be part of it. You are used to being tough on the outside to survive, but you don’t want to have to live like that anymore.

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