This page is growing and I am so appreciate of the people I see who consistently drop by. I devote my entire day- usually until 4 AM working on different aspects of my blog or social media sites, answering messages, researching and writing – to promote educating people of the reality that many people have had their rights violated. I want to encourage people to go to the website There are many resources as well as opening up the possibility of finding many other blogs of interest. You don’t have to write a blog to register, read and comment. So much hard work and time goes into managing a blog which is usually a labor of love. Share blogs on your social media for other people to find. I don’t do this for the money. There is no money. Like the blog. Follow itm You can have new posts delivered to your inbox. I won’t flood your email like so many do.

(This post was originally written for Facebook. I decided to post it again on this blog to reach more people.)

Subscribe to my ITFO newsletter. I’ve seen that many have shared it on your own time line. Your email address is priceless to me. I will not abuse the privilege. If there is something you want me to write about or someone’s story that needs telling, contact me. You want people to know – tell me. The more addresses I have the more people will read it. This is how people networking can help each other.

When I finally finish my book, which has changed and improved as I learn the craft of writing, the people I have reached will increase in number. Then it has a better possibility of being successful.

Jamie’s story is not special or unusual. It’s power lies in the fact that it is the story of millions of people who’s lives have been ruined by the greed of prison corporations with CEO’s who buy politicians who enable the law to step on people who have no way out. Telling this story adds my voice to the mix of growing people trying to change the minds of people who don’t understand the truth.

Help me. Help me reach people. If you come here but haven’t “liked” the page then facebook will show my posts to fewer people. It is all based on numbers. I live on a disability check and still pay fb to reach more people. Fb shares posts based on how many people have clicked the like button. They share 2-3% of the amount of likes. 1000 likes means 20-30 people will see my posts for free. I have 533 likes so 10-15 people of those who have liked my page will see it on their timeline. If they share it, exposure increases. If the issue of injustice is important to you, like and share and hopefully comment.

I began this research and promoting it, not to make me look good or promote myself, but because I was once ignorant of what was going on within our injustice system. I didn’t know anyone in prison. It didn’t touch my life – I thought –  I knew as much as I needed to know because I got my education from the series Prison Break. What more did I need to know? When I finally began to understand, I knew I needed to help others understand. Everyone who has read what I write can become part of this and help push the education of people forward.

We need to do all we can to right the wrongs in the world. Many people think, “What can I do? I’m just one person.” You can click the like button. You can share with your own people. You can subscribe to my newsletter and all it takes is your pointer finger.

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your freedoms – before they take them all away.

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