light from sky

Marginalized into nothingness.

I’ll say ‘people are being enslaved
and no one seems to care or even see them.
More concerned with climate change
than your enslaved neighbor’s freedom.’
They’ll say can’t we do both in concordance?
Both are equally important.
Then on another day,
I’ll say ‘children are being subject
to a school to prison pipeline
and a lot of your lifetime
retirement wages
depend on how many of our babies
end up in cages.
That should be foremost in your mind.
But you’re caught up in the fallacy
of black on black crime.
Then someone will say
‘Hey, these heartless criminals
will kill someone’s mother.
I can be concerned about one
without ignoring the other.’
So, a while later in another statement,
I’ll mention week after week
slave catchers are hunting us
like wild game in the street.
But instead and as part of the criteria,
your head is stuck
on chemical attacks in Syria.
Then true to form
as is the new norm
someone will mention
both of these issues deserve our attention.
As the problem becomes diluted
in an Occupy potpourri goo,
smothered and covered
in a long list of things to one day do,
I’ll scream out “what is an effort
to gain economic freedom worth
when this nation has the largest prison population
ever seen on planet earth?
Then like a bad case of crabs (pardon me being crass)
some ass will attach what they think is a unique opinion
and say ‘what good is freedom
if we’re still poor and broke?
That’s not winning. We need to do both.’
So I grumble and mumble and swear a few oaths
about twisted priorities.
Then point out in every state in the union
incarceration is mainly aimed at the poor and minorities.
While you are defending the character
of pink unicorns and alleged good cops
there are communities being served
with so many warrants and arrests
they are called million dollar blocks
And of course the meanness of marginalization doesn’t ever cease.
Someone will tell me in all sincerity
to start raising our kids better and not blame the police.
I say, they say, in a never-ending dance.
Always adding another
“well that other
thing is important we should give it a chance.”
By the time I’m done
there are 10,000 issues being heaped on our plate
when there should only be one.
Marginalized into nothingness ©Max Parthas 6/17

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