Interesting twists about the prisons.  I will admit I haven’t given a lot of thought about the public prisons even though I knew the prison corporations didn’t have contracts with ALL of them.  Learning the guards unions were lobbying to keep the prisons full because their job depends on it. But doesn’t it seem morally wrong to want to keep your job at the expense of needing to keep the prisons full with anyone you can get your hands on whether they deserve to be locked up for the length of mandatory minimums?

This video is only about 7 minutes long and good points are made on both sides of the fence.  It’s worth watching.


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12 thoughts on “Gary Johnson on Private Prisons

    1. If only that were possible. It isn’t possible because it comes up against the prison industrial complex – the corporations who run a large percentage of the state prisons. Their shareholders need profit and that can only be made if the prisons are kept full. Before the mess with building even more prisons for immigrants, they filled the prisons with almost the exact amount of prisoners who were paroled or finished their sentences keeping the prison population at a pretty steady 2.3 million for the past years. Obama started closing prisons which pitted the prison corporations against him. The buying of politicians to keep the business of prisons growing is absurd. It also pitted the prison guard unions him because to close a prison meant loss of jobs. They want more prisons, even if the product to make their money meant they had to destroy the lives of more people, many who are innocent, and also given absurdly long sentences, way beyond what their “crime” dictated. Now we have a new administration with an insane man at the helm who appointed Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General who has vowed to lock up even more people for longer periods of time, and repealing the prison reforms Obama had begun to put into place – albeit slowly, because it was angering the prison corporations. Making money off people is appalling. America is already at the bottom of the list in the world concerning education. Many kids graduate High School and can’t write their own names. Universities are open only to those whose families have money – out of reach for most kids. America is quickly going down the tubes and no one seems to be able to plug the holes the country is seeping out of.

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