yamaha electric grandJuly 28th is my birthday and this is the year things are coming together. 63 years young and finally hitting my stride. This 2000 piece puzzle of my life I’ve been working on, just putting the border together has been a major challenge the last couple years.  Now the puzzle pieces are beginning to lock together. I can promote the book and the music together using the same artwork for the book and the digital album.  This makes me a sellable commodity when getting a manager to book gigs for me again. This living on a disability check has GOT TO GO! No more medical disasters.  I’ve had my alloted fair share.  It’s time to kick ass since I still have life to kick, which was debatable for awhile. Music and writing is in my DNA.

Writing and rewriting the chapters for “Inside the Forbidden Outside” and working with a couple editors for guidance, taking classes and reading and reading and reading to understand what it means to write a good book. Doing everything I can to make it a success. This is why I ask if you get on my mailing list. To keep you informed of what is happening and you can share it with 1000 of your closest friends. 500? If it doesn’t happen online it won’t happen – period.

Writing music while I work on blog posts for Jamie I have composed and recorded a lot of improvisational music you can find posted on about 40% of the posts.  I’ve gotten encouraging feedback from listeners. The music and songs at earlier stage in my life when I was trying “make it” in the music business, the only way to be successful was to be picked up by a label – much like a writer had to be contracted by a publishing house.  Now we have Indie music and Indie writers and it levels the playing field. My music today is different from what I wrote earlier because it is part of who I am.  I don’t have to plan it or think about it.  I just play. Young musicians, especially electronic music doesn’t come from same place.  many are not really musicians.

Then Skunk Radio Live found me and asked me to audition for their radio program. Starting on July 28 you will find my audition on their website and will be promoted on their broadcast for one month. To become a contract signed regular I will need people to tweet my name to @skunkradiolive at twitter site.  Like anything online it is the “likes”, they call them votes – you get that shows them you are worth investing in.  They do an hour of instrumental music between 1-2 pm London time, which is 8 am EST but I have heard it at other times, as well as at their facebook site and G+. I will post again after it know it is actually playing.  I am embedding their player on this post. You can go to Skunk Radio Live if you’d like to see some of their auditions and the broadcast schedule. If you know a musician who wants to get their music out their tell them about this radio show.

It takes money to make money and doing piano gigs is my ticket. I’m worth more to a club manager if my music is online at more than just soundcloud.com/sonni-quick

This is my most recent piece –

8 thoughts on “Bringing You The Music of Sonni Quick

    1. Thank you. I appreciate that. All of us here in the blogosphere have a reason for why we are here. It’s hard to do a blog for years. Because of everything it’s hard to be here and support all the people who have followed and written, but this place it’s the backbone for everything that came later. My family doesn’t understand, but people here have been more like family than they are.


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