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After a lot of hard word my music is playing in the rotation during their instrument scheduling hour. 1-2 PM London time and 8 – 9 AM est. But all of my music is available on my featured profile page -which is growing with new interviews and media. Going to the link at the top of this page will pull up the latest issue of ITFO NEWS. It will explain everything along with a couple very important things you can do that will tremendously help me.

Skunk Radio is Fan based. To have a successful audition you need to tweet them my name or a piece of music you like. Also leave a comment at the bottom to show them you were there.  This will enable me to market Jamie’s book and the music together. 

We hear soundtracks on movies. Why not a souundtrack for a book? Lecture and perform together. I think this is a new idea. I’m using this book to hire a new booking agent and get back to work. I can’t do it without you. Joining the mailing list to stay informed will help you see our progress. 

Out of 17 years years he has 5 to go. I’ve sold everything I have of value to raise the money to see this through so I can help him have a good life with his son. So open the newsletter and see how you can help. You can subscribe at the link at the top left and read other issues on the right. It’s been quite a learning curve. Leave a comment here, too, and tell me if you’re with me. 11 years I’ve been at this. I can’t let him down. 

Thank you.

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