If you care about someone who is locked up do you feel helpless to do anything for them? What do you do when you find out they have been hurt or abused? You are definitely not alone.

Every person inside; man, woman or juvenile is at risk because of the non-caring, often abusive treatment they receive at the hands of their captors. There is nowhere you can go on the web to find a set of rules you can follow that the prison follows, too.

We say, “How can they do that?” or “Why do they get away with it?” or “Prisoners have rights, someone needs to stop them!” Really? Who? How? Seriously, who do you call? Who is going to make them stop? Do you call the warden or the medical unit if they are sick? Do you ever get the feeling they are lying to you? Then what do you do? You cross your fingers and say a prayer.

Obviously, all the people who make laws know how bad it is inside the prisons. Everyone talks about reform but nothing gets done especially if it involves the corporations. They buy off too many people. They contribute to too many political campaigns. Their lobby is powerful. Everyone agrees something should be done. So why doesn’t it happen? There is no accountability. It’s not going to happen.

Go to the websites for Core Civic (CCA), GEO Group, Corizon or any of the other dozens who are all part of the Prison Industrial Complex and they will show you how wonderful they are and all the great things they do for prisoners. Oh how the misrepresent themselves. You’ll see pictures of people being paid to smile while treating inmates with respect and caring. None of it is real. No one with a loved one inside believes it, but no one knows what to do.

These corporations hide inside their fake websites doing everything possible to keep the public from understanding what they are really doing. They keep families from knowing the truth. The person you know who is inside has one function for them – to increase their profit – with the government’s help.

I get sarcastic comments on social media telling me how great inmates have it. Free room and board and free medical care and how regular people don’t have it that good. They wouldn’t want the kind of health care an incarcerated person gets, but they done know that.

There are many people inside who are denied medical care. The law states they have to provide “adequate” care. But what does that mean? What is adequate? That means they might treat a heart problem with cough medicine or give you a Tylenol and tell you to drink more water. Jamie has told me for years that water and Tylenol is their standard care for most medical issues. If they do that to enough people how many are gong to die of natural causes? How much money do they save which makes their prison business very lucrative. Owning stock in prisons has made a lot of people rich. Making money from indecent treatment of humans. Yes, it’s part of what “Makes America Great” – from the viewpoint of corporations.

Over the past dozen years there have been quite a few times I have gotten a letter from Jamie telling of things the guards have done and the times he’s been hurt, beat up or gassed, medical treatment denied, prescriptions denied, false cases filed against him. The warden lied to me saying his guards would never do that. They have denied Jamie his seizure medication for epilepsy and wrote in his records that they gave it to him.

If any of this sounds familiar to you there is a way to get help. People who understand the law, and how it is manipulated by the corporations and the prison staff, can help you protect your loved one. None of this will change the system as a whole, but you can be proactive in helping the one you are waiting for. You can learn what the prisons don’t want you to know in order to keep this person safe, especially when not getting the right medical care could kill them.

Go to their website and read. Contact them. I did. I read an article about them and left a comment. I didn’t expect to hear anything in return but in 45 minutes they sent me a text and said, “We need to talk. Call me please.” I did. The woman who called me talked for a good half hour and explained some things that has my head spinning. I have honestly been afraid for Jamie and for the first time I knew I had someone in my corner who could help me help him.


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  1. I have a loved one inside who has been deprived of medical treatment. It took the Department of Corrections medical staff 2 years before they would even have my loved one received the surgery long overdue on a torn meniscus. The doctor wanted to see him again when the swelling went down. That was 3 years ago. Because they never took him back to the hospital for follow up, he now has arthritis in the knee and has difficulty walking. They have denied him his rights and just about everything that he has requested including supportive Footwear from an accredited outside vendor which the doctor also recommended because the prison Footwear contributed to the problem with the knee. Something needs to be done to ensure the prisoners receive Medical and psychological treatment. This is America and if they can condemn other countries for these violations, then they need to practice what they preach.

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    1. People who have a loved one who locked don’t know what do when they find they have been mistreated. I know I didn’t. I’d call the medical unit or the warden. How could I disprove what they say? But this last time I caught them in a lie. Then another. I read an article about abuse and I left a comment. I received a msg back that asked me to call. We talked about the issues that have happened to him and for the first time I found out I could do things to help ensure his safety. Done through legal paperwork they have to abide by. Will they retaLiate against him? They might. It seems his ID is now lost. Tbey hired a new nurse and she wont give him his meds because he has no ID and so far they haven’t issued him new one. I sent him forms he never received to give me the right to ask for records on his behalf. The Prison can’t mess with the Post office. I’m sending them again tomorrow certified so it has to be signed for and opened in front him. Will they stop him from sending them back? But the good thing is I have help now. Hopefully the prison will back off knowing they are being watched.Sad to say there are many others they can and are hurting by screwing with medical care who dont have anyone who cares. The prison corporations are too powerful to change. It’s a racket. But I have to try to stop them from what they are doing to jamie. I hope people are reading and paying attention.That is all I can do.

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