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No, my book isn’t ready to be published but I wanted to share the new book cover with you. I am very happy with this artists work. It was done by Adrijus at I have been using a stand-in picture when I post anything about the book. An editor I’ve worked with told me if I’m going to promote my book people, needed to associate the correct picture with it instead of the wrong one or they won’t recognize it if they see it. I shouldn’t change it at the last minute. I’d like to know what you think.

I changed my original idea because I didn’t want it to look like a prison book. It is much more than that. It is our letters to each other that started this journey. I had no idea this was where it was headed when I wrote that first letter a decade ago. Because there are so many it takes time to go through them to find the one’s I want.

This gave me a reason to write and a reason to make music. It gave me the desire to play music after a long illness. When we don’t have a reason for why we do the things we do, then there is no reason to drag ourselves away from looking for entertainment to get through the day by wrapping our life around someone else fulfilling their dreams.

This has been the hardest thing to finish because it’s so important that I get it right. So much depends on doing the best I can. I always loved to write. It is why I started keeping journals 40 years ago. When I go back and read them I can see my emotional maturity grow through how I chose my words.

When I make a determination to do something, I have to do it. By letting the people around me see the progress it is like continually putting gas in my car. It gives me the extra push to keep going. One more hour of writing. Another hour of promoting music. One more hour of research. On and on in a cycle. If all I had to do was write the book it would have been done long ago.

Seventeen pieces of music were put into a digital album you can find on Soundcloud. “Stories Without Woods” The link is below. Now I am recording music for the chapters in the book. There is music for each chapter title. It isn’t all written yet. Some pieces I have posted in the past: Open the Cage and Fly, The Waking Hour, Inside The Forbidden Outside and others. There is also poetry written for some.

Sometimes I stay in my computer room/ bedroom for weeks, coming out only to cook/ play my piano or say hello to my husband who sits behind his computer, too. We take a break and watch a downloaded movie. This is many life today. When I’m done, things will change. A new phase of promotion will start. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep up on the progress.


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If you know an inmate who writes poetry or is an artist or has a story you’d like to tell you can email me at:

My personal music website  –

Sonni’s Pinterest

Jamie Life in Prison at Facebook . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

Piano Improv Music of Sonni Quick . . . New facebook page of the past and present

ReverbNation . . . Website of Indie music not on traditional radio stations. Sonni’s featured page.

SkunkRadioLive . . . Indie radio station out of London

Soundcloud – album – Stories without Words

It will soon be listed at CDbaby, itunes, spotify, amazon and others

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7 thoughts on “New Book Cover Finished – Now Finish The Book!

  1. I love the image too – I think it’s very striking and will be memorable.
    The only thing to consider perhaps is that it suggests (to me) that it takes place in history (a century or more in the past). Sorry to be critical, but hopefully feedback will be helpful!

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  2. Great to see this cover, Sonni. I think it was a great decision not to represent the book as a prison book and hence also try not to represent the prison on the cover image. From your blogs, I am quite certain that the story that this book narrates to readers is about the determination of a man who was wrongly convicted, and is still awaiting justice. With that idea, I think this cover gives a more subtle touch to the reader’s minds that a letter that comes out from Jamie goes directly to the reader’s heart. Good luck with the publishing!

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    1. You understand my mother is visiting and I was why.I haveto write the blurb on the back and your 2 nd to last sentence starting with “a letter . . .” is a good phrase to put in there

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    2. But Manu, there will never be justice. I just want him to get in one piece and able to function. Prison can do awful things to the mind that makes it difficult to deal with daily life. Like being in war. Some things alter your ability to react to people and incidents the right way. I’m talking with a man named Patrick Pursly. Google him so you see his story. He was in 20 plus years. I asked about how he was able to reintegrate into society. He said, “What makes you think I have?” His emotional maturity got stuck at the age he went in. There are many things that mature as we age. Our music taste is one. I have kept a journal for at 30-5 years. When I read it through the years I can see myself maturing by how I write and my reasoning when I make decisions. It won’t be an easy thing.

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