Jamie wanted me to ask you a question. I’ve had so much going on the past six months, that I haven’t posted any of Jamie’s letters. Three weeks in Texas in Oct/Nov to see family and go to the prison to visit with Jamie three times. Then to the Florida Keys for six weeks – running from the cold. Home for three weeks and now I’m back in Florida. Keeping up with everything has been a challenge.

I’m behind on posting Jamie’s letters so you can read his words. In his last letter he asked me to do something for him. There are many people who have tapped into this blog over the years. I write to him about some of the comments people leave here and on various social media. He is so much a part of what I’m doing.

He asked, “Do you think any of these people would write to me?”

Jamie's letters

After twelve years I don’t think I can fathom the degree of loneliness he feels. Keeping your head on straight around so much negativity must be hard. He misses what goes on in the world – the free world, he calls it.

I thought I’d put his address here so if you felt so inclined to write, you could.  If you had the means to send a book, you’d make a friend for life. He likes mysteries and westerns. You can’t mail it from your house. It has to be ordered from a business like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you have any questions just leave me a message or contact me through facebook messenger if you want it private.

I order books through imailtoprisons.com

They also have used books and I can get 2 or 3 books for not much more than the price of one new book and there is no shipping cost. They have puzzle books and back issue magazines.  Two days ago I ordered a 5 book series of Doonesbury cartoons from the 70’s. It is before his day but the history should be interesting. All 5 books were $8. Good price. Maybe you know someone who would be interested in this website. I’ve ordered from them for at least 8 years.


James Cummings #1368189 . . . Allred Unit . . . 2101 FM 369N . . . Iowa Park, Tx 76367)


itfo newsletter


I am also behind on my newsletter. I’ve been writing and recording music and making music videos for chapters in the book I’m writing on Jamie’s life. You can find them at my You Tube Channel Sonni Quick Piano Improv

I’m preparing issue #17 right now so when you subscribe you’ll get it in your inbox.  This issue is all about the music. To hear the latest – “Ghosts in my Head”, go to SoundCloud or my website – sonniquick.net

2 thoughts on “Jamie Wanted Me To Ask You a Question

  1. Beautiful work Sonni. I have admired your dedication to this course and have been inspired by it. Jamie looks happy and good on the outside though it’s lonely inside. It’s all down to the great work you have been doing over the years. I doff my hat off to you.

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    1. Hi Michael, thank you. I just posted new music. Some music stands out more than others and this one conveys how I feel. More important, we were talking the other day and I got pulled away from my computer. If you want to write – sonniq56@gmail.com All okay?

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