This issue is focused on the progress with my book, music and music videos that have been created since the last issue went out. I’ve had much enjoyment doing this and I hope you take the time to listen, watch and read. It will only be through your support that this will be successful when I am done. Go to the link at the bottom to pull up the actual newsletter and also pull up any back issues. Have a wonderful day!

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Reach For The Stars

 If You Land On The Moon Look How Far You’ve Gone!
Today’s issue of ITFO News is dedicated to what is happening behind the scenes of my writing – music and the book. 2018 started out with a bang. Everything that all needed to be done at the same time landed on my lap.  I enjoy being busy, but what I really need are three sets of hands (or someone who wants to work for free doing the many things that have to be done)

There is so much to be done between writing blog posts and keeping up social media. I begin spinning plates when I wake and keep going until I fall off my chair around 5 AM.

I’ve been writing and recording music for the book I’ve been writing for 3 years. It’s been rewritten, rearranged, chapters deleted and added to: Inside The

ITFO Newsletter Issue #16

4 thoughts on “ITFO Newsletter – Issue #17

  1. Hi Sonni! I recently monetized my site and wanted to share with you how I saw YOUR name & music advertised on Inmate Blogger today. It was from REVERBNATION and I listened to your song, “Ghosts In My Head.” Amazing…LOVED it! Keep up the great work! I was so excited to see your name on an advertisement banner like that. Hope you are doing well. xo

    Suzie Jennings

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    1. Hi Suzie. Thanks for telling me – really. I started running the ad about 4 days ago. I really have to choose carefully where I spend money on ads. I’ve spent enough on FB and I’m reaching the same people instead of new ones. I’ve written a lot of music for the book I’m writing ( which is taking forever) but with music and music videos being made there are only so many hours in the day. This came up on your site because it is monetized? It wasn’t on the list of publications it would be in, but I’m glad it is. It did say there would be others. There was no indication the music was for an inmate so it is kind of weird they picked it – but appropriate. It is a chapter title. My reverbnation website is if you want to see it.

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      1. You’re welcome. Maybe WordPress is one of the other publications? I don’t know the details, but I do know that computers are smart these days 🙂 Anywho, I was so happy to see your ad. I listened to some of your other songs and I really enjoyed them. Love your work. Have a great evening!

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