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Those that work for the prison system and the politicians who do their bidding know the cost to house him exceeds any debt he owes, so “paying his debt to society” in this was is evidence that there are ulterior motives to his incarceration. There are other things he could do that would be a better help to him and others rather than putting him into a locked prison.

Strangely there are many people who don’t realize debtors prison had been revived some time ago, and honestly believe they can’t be incarcerated for debt. So people should take heed and read this carefully. There are many ways to land yourself inside cement walls. They are getting creative with assigned more and more ways to imprison people who are guilty of a crime that needs them separated from society to learn their lesson.

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Funny how that is worded huh? “My Debt to Society”… As tax payers lay to house me for my crime I am paying my debt to society with what is to be warehoused years of my life. There is absolutely no reason for my debt besides the seriousness of my crime, for I am not a threat to society, I am not a career criminal. I’d much rather pay my debt to society in a trail of redemption being a tax payer and being a part of life changing experiences for myself and others.

My debt to society will cost society approximately $500,080 to tax payers, and that’s if the parole board blesses me with release on what my judge set as my fixed. So to all of the tax payers out there I must apologize for making all of you victims of my crime. To think about such things…

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