Can anybody hear me?
Is anybody there?
Can anybody tell me
How I’m supposed to bear
The never ending silence
of no one in my head
Yet chaos on the outside
makes me scream instead

Who am I to talk to?
Who can understand?
The pain of never knowing
The thoughts of another man
I wait beside my cell door
For mail to call my name
And hope I’m not forgotten
I’m lonely just the same

Did anybody listen?
To the cries they heard inside
Did anybody wonder?
If my hope for life had died
Did anybody hear me?
Did you wait outside my door?
Or did you leave and walk away
You’re not waiting anymore

by Sonni Quick. ©2018

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21 thoughts on “Can Anybody Hear Me?

    1. So many don’t understand what it is like to be in prison. It is a world that is run with a different set of laws away from the public eye. I’ve known this an for nearly 13 years, before he was locked up. He’s the father of one of my grandsons. I’m the only one who has supported him. It is why I write the book. You will find chapters on the blog if you wanted to read his story

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        1. I am SonniQ (Quick) Jamie is the father of one of my grandsons. I write for him using his letters. This blog is in it’s 4th year. So far he has done more than 12 years of a 17 year sentence. I am in the second draft of a book, “Instead the Forbidden Outside” and I’m also writing a piano soundtrack to go with it. If you scroll down the blog posts you will some with the book cover because I have posted some of the chapters to gain interest. I also write a newsletter, the link is at the bottom of most of the posts to keep people up to date who don’t come here all the time. If you go to some of the pages at the top of the blog there are some that will give you his early history. It’s been a long haul. The rest of his family doesn’t write or visit or help in any way. I am hoping to make enough money with the book to help him get on his feet when he gets out. Thank you very much for what you have read and listened to. It is much appreciated.

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            1. Thank you. My focus is help him and to help teach others what our prison is about. It often has little to do with guilt and a lot to do with profit.

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            2. Yes, but hope doesn’t cut it. Having hope is thinking hopefully someone else will fix it. Only solid action making causes will change it. But people say, “What can I do?” being aware, sharing info, taking stand with friends and family to help them understand. What won’t work? Complacency. You are young. You have power. You have time. Me? I’m well past youth, but realized my being alive had to count for something. Find something you can dig your teeth into that will help this earth and the people it. I know I’m getting wordy, and the next thing I tell a lot of people – some people want fame /fortune. They want people to remember them when they are gone. But how you do that? You live on in how you affected someone’s ( many peoples) lives. How you changed them and they carried it on. That is the gift your life gives and keeps on giving. Focus where you want to go. Your mind can’t get you there if it doesn’t know where it’s going.

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