There is so much continued repetitious crap in the media right now, regurgitating itself over and over again – about the antics of Donald Trump – that serious issues are being put to the sidelines. Intentional? The ongoing dumbing down of America?

Over 14,000,000 people are arrested each year, often incarcerated for years without ever being charged and found guilty – because they can’t afford bail. The corporations make a fortune off these people from phone  calls and commissary alone. Many of these people provide the constant filling of prison beds. Add to it the reopened, crumbling prisons that had been previously closed, and the tent prisons used to hold the immigrants who needed out help. What did the US do with the people – they were turned over to prison corporations like CoreCivic to use and abuse for more profit. I won’t get into what they did to the kids.

Because of horrible and corrupt prisons where many of the guards are dirty and bring in drugs and other contraband to line their own pockets. It feeds the drug dealers and the gangs inside and puts everyone’s lives at risk. Contrary to popular, ignorant belief – everyone inside is not a hardened criminal. Some are innocent and some want to get their lives on track and lead a better life. Some have families that are left outside scared their loved one will get killed. I have communicated with a lot of inmates. Don’t argue with me until you have done the same. Prison is nowhere close to “Orange is the New Black.” The guards on that show are a joke and the inmates make good comedians.

This month there was a riot inside Lee’s Correctional institute in So Carolina. Seven men brutally died. Part of the reason was because there were very few guards to help put it down. A large percentage were dirty. The men had been left to roam free in the prison. Enough is enough is enough.  This includes the demand list.

There was, at last count, 17 prisons that started a protest for better conditions inside less than a week ago. That protest will go on until Sept 4th. Instead of listing everything this protest is about along with a list of their demands, I will give you the links to read it for yourself. The powers that be are trying viciously to not let info on the protest inside their prisons. I found one inmate yesterday that knew nothing of it. Now he does and he is armed with details. If you know anyone inside, find out if they know and get this information to them so more inmates and their families can stand in solidarity. The men inside are begging us on the outside to support their efforts.


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7 thoughts on “Are You Aware There is a Prison Protest Happening?

  1. The gov knows how over crowded the prisons are and the bad condition of the prisons. They don’t want to do anything about the prisons. Your right they don’t let the outside know what goes on in there. So sad some people shouldn’t be there.

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    1. That is why I do what do. Before cell phones in prison they were able to control info. All of what is happening – one reason why racism never dies, is because of profit. Controlling what people learn, promoting the white race as a better race, allows them to use blacks and minorities for the same reason they used slaves. Conditions are so bad inside and people are finally learning the truth. But centuries of conditioning white people, so many can’t except we are all people, with the same talents and flaws. It is such a mess and it may get worse before it can get better.

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        1. Thank you for your kind words. The legacy we leave at the end of our life is the effect we have had on other people, be it good or bad. We live on in the lives of the people we touch.

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