I was at my YouTube channel this evening –Sonni Quick Piano Improv –  and saw this video. There were actually quite a few videos devoted to it. I wanted to give you my take about the issue, whatever that is worth to you.
     We are getting awfully picky about who we ruin and who we don’t. Who we pass judgement on and who we let slide. Ban Michael Jackson’s music? Now? After all this time? Are you kidding?? Over allegations that are how old now? Do you think this is appropriate punishment for a man who is not here to know it is happening? Who benefits? Who does it ruin? Remember, he has children. Do you think this will wipe him away from everyone’s memory and they will no longer play his music?
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Remember this past Christmas when they wanted to ban a song that was recorded decades ago because today they wanted it to be interpreted as sexual abuse, because a man was insistent about coming inside because it was cold? “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”  Nobody thought of it as being sexual until this year. The #metoo movement attacked it and people started demanding it be taken off the air. Fortunately, they didn’t succeed. Understanding an issue differently today, compared to when it happened will leave us with wanting to wipe out a large part of our history because men in power did despicable things.
     Think – Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus. They were pretty bad. Even now there is a movement to erase Confederate history and remove monuments because it is considered now to be racist. I don’t believe they belong in our government buildings being used as a way to govern today. They are fodder for racist acts being done by those who want a White Nationalist/Supremacist society, but you can not erase one of the sides that fought in an war that was supposed to change our concept of slavery. It changed it on paper, but not in reality. These issues, like the 13th amendment are still being fought today because slavery moved from the fields of plantations to field inside the barbed wired fences of prisons. Still, you can’t erase history or the leaders who fought for what they thought was right at the time whether we agree with it or not.
     History will always be history and Michael Jackson’s history and his music also can not be erased whether he was a mentally screwed up pedophile or not. Not airing his music won’t change anything except make people want to hear it even more.
     This is a big issue to me because I write about prison inmates, and a few are inside for sex charges, real and fabricated. Regardless, these men will have to pay the price for the rest of their lives because just the thought of it being a sex charge means it doesn’t matter what kind of charge. It doesn’t matter if someone molested a baby or if a teenager who turned 18 had sex with his 17 year old girlfriend and the parents pressed charges.  It doesn’t matter if it was a daughter who was angry at her father and accused him of touching her, and later recanted. Once you are considered guilty that guilt stays with you for the rest of your life. There is nothing you can do about it. Inmates as a whole pay a heavy price no matter what. Once a felon always a felon. People will always think they are better than you.
     This is not the sum of who Michael Jackson is. The meaning or value of our lives don’t revolve around what we did in the past, but about what we do in the future. People are being ruined because the public needs to make sure they keep paying the price. We need to be absolutely politically correct about everything and there is no gray in between.
     Michael Jackson is dead. What is there to gain except the people involved in this documentary are giving themselves a whopping 15 minutes of fame they will have to live with every time they stick their heads outside their homes. What a thing to be famous for! What happens when they are done with the round of TV talk shows. What will keep their fame going? What’s the fucking point? The makers of that documentary said they did not present a balanced view because they were under no obligation to do so. How can anyone have an opinion about this when some of the truth was held from them?
     A lot of lives have been ruined over perverted sexual behavior that has been going on between men and children for a very long time, and during periods of history was accepted as normal. Many lives of women, teens and children have been ruined. Men with this behavior have seldom been held accountable before now. No one around them stopped them. People knew Bill Cosby was drugging women to have sex with them and no one stopped him.  How did they sleep at night? Should these people be prosecuted as accomplices?  We could fill the prisons with them since prisons are now suing state governments because the prisons aren’t full enough. People often get prison terms for being associated, but not the people who surround a pedophile. A lot of sick behavior was stopped, but there are no less people out there who want sex with children.
     Whatever Michael Jackson did or didn’t do does not take away his musical talent. If you want to go down that road that means we need to wipe every person out of our history books, no matter who they were or what they accomplished, who has done something we consider to be despicable. Lets wipe out Thomas Jefferson for the slaves he abused and because he kept a mulatto woman in a closed off room and had kids with her. Lets wipe away Christopher Columbus, who sailed the ocean blue in 1492 because of all the brutal murders he committed. That is unacceptable. We should not teach children about these men today.
     We can not and should not try to erase the accomplishments of a person because we don’t like or approve of their behavior. I doubt there is anyone today who is promoting doing that who can say they are guiltless of wrong doing. I’m glad Michael Jackson isn’t alive today to see this. His environment and upbringing affected his life just like everyone else. If you want to persecute him you better go after his whole family because everyone had a part in making him who he was. Let’s ruin his children and the women who were paid to give birth to them.
     We will never know who is telling the truth and after decades those memories change, like dreams change, and yet you think you can be so sure you remember the truth? Many adults in therapy have been convinced through therapists that they were molested and these memories were brought to the surface and now thought to be the absolute truth.
     The public is choosy about who they destroy. Some enjoy destroying people who had something they never could have. So lets destroy Michael Jackson’s talent and his music. Let’s make sure it can’t be heard – that will show him! Lets take it all away NOW because someone has something to gain by doing so. I did not watch the documentary and have no plans to do so. Some people have nothing better to do with their time.

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