This was written because of an article I shared on my Facebook. There are millions of people anxiously waiting for the outcome, the next step of what to do – regardless of you are Republican, Democrat or independent. We are watching our country being torn apart. I believe there will be violence because the emotion of hatred is so high for the “other side” no matter what that side is.

Trump departs White House, Washington DC, USA - 16 Sep 2019
As Trump ranted about losing “Person of the year” to 16 year old Greta Thurnborg did he think his ranting would change the outcome? instead of his immaturity making him look like a petulant fool? 

The Day after hundreds of thousands protested and the day after Trump wanted Fox  Entertainment to hire new pollsters because even people who watched America’s State News polled they wanted him impeached. What? His supporters at Fox wanted him gone? The answer? Find new pollsters to give him the results he craved.

The dangerous thing about Trump is he really does think he did nothing wrong. He believes he is the chosen one and being president means he can do no wrong. When he is finally out of office his final mental breakdown will happen when he is no longer “president”. He feels he should always be president and has mentioned fighting term limits. He won’t take it well when he no longer has power. He’ll take out big ads at the New York Times to spout his manifestos and scream at people making demands. His supporters will drop him in the dirt because they will no longer have to pretend they support him when there is no need to kiss his ass.

He will become “The President” of whatever mental institution he is locked up in for his own safety where he can rant and rave at the rest of the inmates. I can hear him now “I am the president! I am the president. You have to call me Mr. President, ” as they wrap him up in a straitjacket with a shot of Haldol to quiet him down. That is the nature of mental illness. He is a prime candidate. When you are gone “president trump” it will be a happy day for America, a day to celebrate every year. You will be infamous in the record of our history just like Hitler, Stalin, Putin, Sadam Hussein and every other evil person in the world’s political history. You are the worst thing to have happened to America. But maybe we needed someone like you, to get our own heads out of the sand, wake up the country and take action. Never again asshole. Never again. MC Connell you’re next.


Added note. I haven’t published in awhile. It’s been a hard year for me. I had a couple surgeries for cancer and recuperation from a long list of medical issues gets harder with age. But I keep on going. As long as there a reason to fight, I keep fighting. The past 12 years has been a succession of problems, but I’m still here, enjoying being alive. There is such a sense of gratitude to be able to do that and I try to create value every day.

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