George Washington – Trump – Racism

Washington Crossing the Delaware

While reading the news today at Common Dreams, one of the few online sites that prints the unvarnished truth I can trust. I read an article:

Lawmakers Welcome IG Probe Into Violent Police Clearing of Lafayette Square

Peaceful Protesters at Lafayette Park Terrorized by Police to Make way for Trump’s Phony Photo-Op With a Bible

It was about the investigation into the justifications Trump’s White House gave to warrant the use of tear gas and other abuses showered on peaceful protesters at Lafayette Park near the Whitehouse.

Another black man, in a long list of people of color, George Floyd, had been cruelly murdered by police while onlookers begged them to stop. They didn’t. As far as the police were concerned this man had no humanity, no family who loved him and he had no right to life. It was the final straw. It was never going to stop. The people knew it. It wasn’t safe to walk the streets. The next cop could look at any person of color, shoot them and tell the court it was they who feared for their life.

No matter how many people were murdered it was going to continue with little consequence. So they let America know they weren’t going to take it anymore. It spread across the world. When there is a president who looks at white nationalists as good people, he knew he could use the opportunity to feed his ego by proving the military could be used on citizens he temporarily governs. 

Trump craves chaos and dramatic entrances. The police carved a violent pathway through the protesters so he could make a show of walking across to a boarded church and hold up a prop – a Bible – insinuating that God was on his side. Now was the time to pretend to be a good  Christian.

When I saw the photo of the protesters, clutching each other frantically, trying to get away from the horses with police who had large plastic coverings on their helmets to keep tear gas from getting into their own eyes, I flashed on a memory of the painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware. They were making their way over an ice-filled and perilous river, freezing cold, hungry and wet.

I remembered then, in recent years, how deeply Washington had been discredited because of his abuse of the real Americans who lived here before we laid claim to their home. Until this day we continue to believe we have the right to take from anything we want because we are the biggest bully on earth.

People no longer want to celebrate the birthday our first president. The man we were taught as children could never say a lie. Our current president seems more like him with every sentence I write. The Federal holiday, with closed banks and post offices has no meaning except a day off work. No more holidays celibrated in his name. Instead it is called Indigenous Peoples Day. A celebration  for the original people of color.

Likewise, our 45th president will not be celibrated except maybe by his racist followers (unless they are too embarrassed to admit it) who think they are better than non white Americans.  He will be scorned, as we scorn every other fascist, racist and killer of his own people if it serves a purpose of helping to get him re-elected. If anything, we will celebrate the day Trump and his family are escorted out of the White House in disgrace and await trial for crimes against humanity. Wealth cannot buy honor and he is an honorless person.

Our country was founded on racism long before we started kidnapping people in other countries to make them our slaves. To this day racists continue to keep their knees on the necks of people of color to make sure they continue to know their place, or the president will send the military to put them down. He will threaten the governors to do as he says, or he will send the military and make them do as they’re told. America is unrecognizable. 

On July 4th we will celebrate our independence from England. I doubt most children know what we are supposed to be celebrating, or even that it is a celebration. It’s just a day for fireworks and backyard cookouts. When will gain our independence from the wealthy who have enslaved all of us to make them richer while the rest of us get thrown crumbs.

Soon. . .

I’ve Been Gone For Awhile. I’m Back

Radiation on my head after ear removal

This past year or so has been a hairy time for me with 2 cancer surgeries and a couple broken bones. My arm is currently in a purple cast. I had to let things ride for awhile. Hopefully some of you are still out there.

The tone of this blog will expand because I’m not writing on my other blog and stopped paying the premium fee for the website. I got swallowed up with too much I could reasonably do in a day. It will take awhile to catch up with the changes in my life this year. I’m not going to go into those details in this post. There are more important things to talk about than my life. I want to concentrate on what you can do to better educate yourself and change the way many of you get your news in the United States of America. If you are outside this country you are probably better informed than a large percentage of American citizens .

When I see what people write, and what they think is the truth, it is very disturbing to see the amount of kool-aid they drink every day that keeps them in a zombie frame of mind. Many people want the truth but don’t know where to find it so they go to the same old places day in and day out.

This post is also a reprint of a post I just wrote on my personal Facebook page. That page is very political most of the time. You can find it if you want by searching my name Sonni Quick. I have other pages of various interests. Criminal Justice, Improv Piano ( which has my recordings) and my store page, Watch and Whirl Shop ( where I sell mainly vintage jewelry and sterling silver)


Some of you know I don’t own a TV and haven’t in decades. The bullshit, ads and rising costs for cable turned me off. I am much better informed than many of you because I go to many places online that aren’t owned by a political party. Mainstream news only tells you what they want you to know. I then compare what I learn to what the average American doesn’t learn and it is easy to see how they lead people around by the nose. If this weren’t true then Trump would have no supporters and Hannity would have no voice and people like Limbaugh wouldn’t get a medal of honor for anything.

I’m going to give you a small list of struggling media the GOP has tried to subdue. They used to get funding but it was stopped during the age of Trump so they have to rely on people to help. Here are a few sites to check out to get you started if you don’t know about them already. I have relied on them for truth for more than 20 years.

  4. (they have a podcast)

There are more than these 4. Compare what you learn to the pablum the networks regurgitate everyday, mixing up the words to make it appear as “NEW” news. It’s mind-numbing. Be proactive in educating yourself. Stop being a robot and turning on evening news because it’s a habit you’ve always had. Stop being another counted viewer of the Trump Show just to see what stupid things he’ll say today. TURN HIM OFF! ! Make the ratings go down. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share thIs. Change the cycle. It is one action you CAN do when you think the is nothing you can affect to make a difference..

Do you Know What is Killing You?

Copyright Reuters

I have been writing about Monsanto for about 15 years on various blogs and Facebook pages. I learned about them 20 years ago but was writing online.  I learned about Nestles and boycott any product they make or company they own. Why aren’t you? Do you not know? Why do I?

I  have written a lot about Monsanto and food but I doubt if anyone listened.  My family wouldn’t listen. Eating right is too expensive, they say, even though grabbing the wrong cereal or bread of the shelf will likely kill you.

I’ve talked about the politicians involved who put profit over people. Where I live the gardener used round up ready on the grass and gardens once. It killed everything in my garden and the dirt was now contaminated. He never did it again once my husband informed him of what he did. “I didn’t know,” he claimed. How could you NOT KNOW? Your head would have to be buried to not know.

People wouldn’t, and still don’t stop eating the food it affected. Now there are over 13,000 cancer lawsuits when Monsanto and those involved KNEW what it would do. But since they knew they would be eventually sued they created a fund long ago and grew the money to pay them so it wouldn’t hurt them. And then Bayer stupidly bought Monsanto. I’ll bet you think Bayer is a good company. After all they make baby aspirin and you trust them. I dare you to research Bayer’s history and then think they care about you and your family.

I talked myself silly to friends and family about doing everything you can to educate yourself about the food you eat, but they listened instead to the propaganda the food industry put out intentionally debunking organic and non gmo food. These food companies fought and will fight labeling saying people would be to confused to understand. We are to stupid. These happened a few years ago.

Do you eat ice cream? Do you look for cheap? There is only one brand that is still safe to eat because it is non gmo. All brands were tested. You can only safely eat Breyers except for some organic brands. The others? The level of glyphosate is through the ceiling. And don’t eat General Mills cereal. All 21 kinds will kill you. Eat organic. That wheat is not sprayed with Round up. ALL COMMERCIAL FARMS  spray it. Doesn’t this scare you?

People are going to eat what they want. And now that they are sick they want to sue the company that had poison in their food. Why didn’t they stop eating the poisoned food?The information has been out there! But this way they can put the blame on Monsanto instead of blaming themselves. Now they are scared.

The problem is people learn from Fox News, or other mainstream media thinking they know what is going on. And even though much of what they hear often has an element truth, what they don’t hear or read is everything these “news” outlets DON’T tell you. If you want to start reading the truth – what mainstream doesn’t print start with and Because even ones that used to be good, like Alternet and Cmmon Dreams are now printing fluff – advertisements that start out sounding like news until you realize it’s an ad trying to tell you something.

We the people need to educate ourselves better or we deserve the destruction of our earth and our country that our grandchildren will have to raise their families in. Smarten up. If you stopped buying the food you are being poisoned with, these companies couldn’t stay in business. We allow it.

Surviving After-Inside the Forbidden Outside-GoFundMe


Click on the link below to go to the actual Gofundme campaign page.

<<< >>>

I need help to help someone else. For twelve years I was the only one who cared enough to help this man. It has taken a lot for me to ask for it. But I can’t do what I need to do without it. Here is my story:

The video explains who Jamie Cummings is and the book I am writing, Inside the Forbidden Outside, along with recording a music soundtrack of original piano improvisations for each chapter as well as music videos you can find on Youtube. This music aids the journey just as music accompanies a movie. I may be naive but I can see this story as a Hulu or Netflix series as the chapters go through quite a few prisons he was sent to around Texas. The feedback I have gotten from many people who have experienced even part of what I have written has been overwelming. There have been hundreds of comments.

The book and music take the reader inside Jamie’s head to experience the emotional trauma living quite a number of the 13 years inside a solitary cell in adseg, administrative segregation, a fancy word for solitary where he spent most of the years. I am 2/3 through the second draft as I have finetuned the story. You can read chapters at .

The music soundtrack makes this book unique. You can stream it at  The book cover is done and is at the beginning of of every post at the blog that is a chapter. I also opened an online store to make money, but it is new and it takes awhile to cultivate a customer base. It is only for the continental US so far.  You can see it at Watch and Whirl Shop

This story needs to be told. It isn’t unique. It is the story of many people locked up who couldn’t afford an attorney. I wanted this to be complete before he got out, but he was unexpectedly paroled 2 weeks ago and had to go stay with family who had done little for him through the years. The proceeds from the book will help him be able to start his life. 36 years old with the life experiences of a teenager.

It tells the story of what severe deprivation can do to a human being. It goes through medical crises in prison caused by inadequate medical care and having epilepsy. You can feel the depth of his depression at not being able to see his only child, born after he was incarcerated, and his loneliness waiting for someone to visit who rarely came.

No one would take his son to see him. He was afraid he would hate him because he was locked up. I went to Texas every couple years, but I couldn’t go enough. So we wrote many hundreds of letters, his diary of sorts. As I near completion I have no way to pay a professional editor to look it over.

I can’t let him down. I promised I’d be there – to help him get an education, help guide him, help him find a way to survive. To help write the sequel, have him help with the business end, get him a computer and teach him how to make money online, and learn how to help others. He is the father of my grandson. He is family more than most of my own family. We have been there for each others through letters and they would break your heart.

I am on disability and have been recently fighting cancer – again. The video you saw was made early this year before I started treatment again. I have been unable to get to Texas to see him since 10/17. I have been determined to finish the book, but I have read too many self-edited books to take a chance with its success because I couldn’t see something wrong.

A couple months ago I went online to the TDCJ website – Texas Department of Criminal Justice – and found out he was approved for parole. They hadn’t even told him. 2 weeks ago he walked out the doors, with an ankle monitor. There was no one there to meet him. I had known no one would be there for him. I wanted so much to be there but it happened so fast I couldn’t. He was parole to the outside without any preparation. He made his way by bus to his brother’s house who had only visited him once in ten years.

The money I want to raise isn’t for me. I have tried to do this on my own.  A friend recommended I try this site to raise the money.  I want to go to Texas to go over the manuscript with him. He needs a laptop to work with me as I write the last chapters before editing. I have 70,000 words. I estimate it will end at 95,000 words. Writing through the years I am at 2012. It ends at 2016. The sequel picks up from there and goes through re-entry and all of its issues.

Thank you for any help you can give. I make this promise. The names of every single person who helps will be listed in the book. With any donation of $15 I will send you a free ebook and music when it is published and with $25 or more I will send you a signed copy of the book and downloadable copy of the album. I will give anyone who asks, a record of how the money was spent.


Jamie’s Parole, the Book, and Watch and Whirl

wh jamie2

As I insert this photo of Jamie I thought of how nice it would be to have new pictures. This is from my last visit October 2017.

My Apologies For Disappearing Lately

The last six weeks or so I haven’t posted much. Before that I spent more time writing the book instead of blog posts so most posts were chapters or music. Life got complicated and I’ve needed 36 hours a day to stay on top of it. In addition I’m going through radiation on my head for another bout of cancer. But since this blog is for Jamie I will begin with the most important news. Jamie’s parole news.

Jamie was approved for parole. I found out online before he found out. I received a letter asking me to check on the parole hearing he had LAST AUGUST, because no one would tell him anything. I’ve been in high gear ever since.

I was doubtful about him getting parole because he had nothing to work with. No trade, still in agseg and no certificates to show he had done anything to improve himself – because the prison wouldn’t let him.

There are different kinds of parole, different levels of releases, which was new info for me. It depends on the crime, or if it was for drugs and even if he had been a user, because they don’t want ex-inmates to hook up with the same people again. There are plenty of ways to get drugs in prison so if you’re an addict you don’t have to get clean. But drugs were not Jamie’s thing and he didn’t go near it inside. There are also different kinds of supervision if you are paroled, and how often you have to see a parole officer. There are also fines you might need to pay.

Parole isn’t cheap. You have to pay your parole officer each time you go. I don’t know if rules are different in each state, but I’d guess they are since everything else about incarceration is different. No prison is ever fun, but some states are REALLY not a state you want to be incarcerated in.

Jamie’s classification is Fl-1. I think it goes up to Fl-7. I contacted the women in a Facebook group called, “Loved ones in Allred Unit”, to see if anyone could answer my questions about parole. They said it would probably get a date in 1-3 months. On Facebook, some of the large prisons have groups so wives, mothers and girlfriends (and the occasional man) can communicate about what is happening at a particular prison – lockdowns, visits and even weddings. They share photos of their loved ones and often just need to talk and share their worry when they haven’t heard from someone inside. Often they are new to the prison system and have questions.

There is also a group for those incarcerated anywhere in Texas, “Loved ones in TDCJ. ” Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Allred Unit is the largest prison in Texas so there are enough people to keep a group going. Even when Jamie was moved to Hughes Unit last year for a program that really accomplished nothing, I maintained contact in the Allred group because they know who Jamie is.

Fl-1 means they have to investigate if he can survive on the outside. They contact family and make sure he has support on the outside. They don’t approve you and set you out the doors. You are moved to a “pre-release” prison where they have resources and try to prepare you – a step – down program. I am still learning what happens next. They have to make sure he has an address to parole to; family or a halfway house. Will he have a job? He had been on disability for epilepsy. Can he reapply? How does he get his epilepsy meds? He has no work history. He doesn’t even have a GED because the prison wouldn’t raise him to a classification that would allow him to take any kind of classes.

Jamie’s family haven’t helped him during these years except at the very beginning, so I wonder what they’ll do when the novelty of his release wears off. Paying his way will take even more money now. What kind of job could he get that would enable him to pay rent IF a landlord would rent to him. He will go to his brothers house who has wife and two very young children. Will his brother begrudge the time and effort support him long enough?? He wouldn’t visit him in prison.

In January of this year his brother visited him for the first time in TEN years. When I tried to convince him to visit a few years ago his response was, “Its not my fault he’s in there.” Excuse me?? Is that a reason? Ten years? Maybe it will be okay, but that attitude doesn’t make me confident. All these years his family knew I was taking care of what Jamie needed and not once did anyone say, “I’ll pay his medical fee this year,”or “I’ll buy his food box this quarter” or put money in his account, even for hygiene. Yes, I have doubts about how this will work out. They can’t pretend they were there for him. How long will his brother and wife be tolerant of Jamie being around – feeding him, buying clothing, driving him places. His brother wouldn’t help him buy a stick of deodorant at the commissary so supporting him until he gets on his feet might be more than he is willing to do. That worries me.

So I’m asking for help from anyone who will.

I wanted to be better prepared. I wanted the book to be published. I understand better what it will take to promote it. I wanted to be father along.


On Facebook, just search Watch and Whirl. I don’t have a Url yet. I am also going to be turning my WordPress blog into a business site and put the site there, too.

A few months ago I opened an online e-commerce store in three locations, selling a variety of items from things for your home, nautical furnishings, musical items, jewelry and more. I’m choosy. Some online stores have thousands of items hoping to sell a few, but I only add items I like if have in my own home.

I opened these stores because I am on disability and need to pay a story editor to go over my book manuscript for “Inside the Forbidden Outside.” I also need a line editor. I have worked for four years writing and rewritingas I have learned how to write (and still learning). There are hundreds of letters strewn across half of my bed as I cross check what happened over the years with my letters that are on file online at which is how I “email” letters to Jamie. It takes both his letters and mine to piece together his story.

In addition, there is the music I have recorded to go with each chapter. I spent four hours today working on a new recording. This is a much longer process than sitting down and writing just the book. Although I have used fiction to piece the story together, the events that happen in the book did happen. I did have to create some of the dialogue, especially in the dream sequences I use instead of printing parts of letters.

The amount of time I have put into this, if I did a crappy job during the editing phase it would put it all in jeopardy. But I’m on disability. My age and health doesn’t allow me the luxury of working an outside job.  Writing Jamie’s story has given me a reason to keep going. It has been my purpose. We have much to do when he gets out, including writing the sequel – from 2016 until.. . . now and through reentry.

I opened a store. I’ve written about it already – Watch and Whirl – at three locations, because I desperately need to make money. My disability check doesn’t cut the mustard. I have an online location, and a store on Facebook and eBay, which also has auctions.

I had no idea how many hours it was going to take each day, or what I was going to have to learn to make it work. I’m still learning. I also don’t have the advertising budget that is needed to put out Facebook ads, which has the #1 spot for marketing businesses online.

Yes, I’ve been having some sales success, but not enough to cover the overhead I have accrued with even the monthly fees of being in business. And trying to work on finishing up the book, writing music and taking care of 2 blogs – well, there are only so many hours in each day.

So those who know what I do – and some of you have followed me for 5 years – go take a look at my store. Maybe it will be of interest. Maybe it won’t. It continues to grow and change. All of this is to help Jamie. Now that he is being paroled, the pressure to make it come together is real.

I can’t sell internationally yet, but you could share my store on Facebook on your social media pages. It is all about people sharing.

In the meantime, I have a PayPal account. If you could send even a couple dollars to help, go to and send it to the email address set up for him:

Jamie Made Parole!!!


I found out today that it was approved on April 21st!  I don’t have any other information. I don’t know if he a step down process to go through or how long it takes. I just know that it will soon be over.

I received a letter from him a few days ago asking me try and check on his status because they wouldn’t talk to him. I don’t even know if he knows.

It’s been so long!

Watch and Whirl – my New E-Commerce Store

Watch and Whirl is at Facebook and

I’ve entered into e-commerce as a way help Jamie. I need to raise the money to edit and publish my book “Inside The Forbidden Outside”, finish the music and polish it up with a sound engineer in an actual studio instead of a program connected to my piano. I’m not an engineer. I also need to visit with him and be there when he is released.  when will that be? I don’t know. He has 3 1/2 years to go. He could get paroled.  There needs to be  survival after parole. If I can “hire” him to work these businesses with me, while we write the sequel he will have a greater chance of parole. He needs an income. He needs to be able to rent an apartment.

It took a major leap of faith to do this and be convinced of its success. A store takes an enormous amount of time, focus and determination to get going, especially when you start with zero customers and a empty advertising budget. I already spend umpteen hours a day on my writing, music and videos and primitive them on social media, so that is suffering – temporarily. I need your help. if you are reading this I REALLY NEED YOUR Help. I know what it took when I had a retail store in Key west that I worked for nearly 10 years

Share this on your social media – Share this on your blog. Everywhere I read, tapping into people you are connected to is the best source to promote anything you are doing. And it’s free. I live on a disability check. Helping Jamie with food and a little money has to also come out of this. This book needs to sell so I need to be smart about what I do from here on.


Here are a few pictures to show you what I have. Click on the pictures at the store to get information on them. These are a few examples from different catalogues. Each item is greatly discounted and you can see those prices on the site.

banker desk lamp
Tiffany Style Banker’s Lamp – $69
flower rug
Fun Rug 38″ x 58″ $88
rc helicopter
Remote Control Helicopter $14.95
juicy coulture perfume
Juicy Couture Eau de Parfume Spray 3.4 oz $5,90

This store will soon be on WordPress as well. I will be converting my blog to a business blog. The blog will still be there but there will be an added shop. That page will also have same main photo to represent the store as you see above – the same one at the Facebook shop and the Ecwid shop. Eventually it will be an eBay shop, Shopify and Amazon, too. I will then start a stand alone shop of all music equipment and assessories.

<<< >>>

You can also find the store at Facebook by putting “Watch and Whirl” in the search bar, or you might see it at my personal page : The store is listed under pages I manage. also when you find me – put in a friend request.

Most of all I’d like you to go to the Facebook store – Watch and Whirl – because there you can “like” and “follow” and share it.

If you know anything about Facebook advertising, they determine who can see my posts organically by how many likes and follows it has – as well as comments.
Creating a following that way means I don’t have to pay out the ying yang to buy Facebook ads. Google ads are another issue – very expensive. SO I have to begin to have sales  by people sharing my stores with their friends and social media. It takes a lot of time and effort.

It has taken 4 1/2 years to build up my page for “My name is Jamie. Life in Prison” – – where I put blog posts, MUSIC, ITFO NEWS ( Please subscribe), and articles on criminal justice.

<<< >>>

ANYWAY. . . this is how I got here. I read an ad somewhere about starting an online store for $47. I clicked on it because the number 47 plays a big part in my life – a subject for another post. It stopped me long enough to read about it. $47 was just the beginning. I talked with a man who made it sound easy and they would give me all the instruction I needed – and they have. I have spent 6 weeks learning, reading, watching videos about what to do and funneling money into getting it started. everything has a monthly fee. Nothing happens for free unless you have a rich, well-connected family, which I don’t.

Long story short – I took advantage of what they offered. Things come across your path for a reason. But do we have the wisdom to see it? I started researching and learning. I now had a vehicle to build a business one brick at a time – if I had the perseverance to do it. I’m a dedicated work-a-holic so it fits my personality profile.

I now have two stores – plus items at eBay  ( my ID name there is sonniquick – easy to find)  That will become my next store. I need a lot more merchandise and I’m  loading more each day, but they have enough to get started.

E-commerce has grown since I did eBay 18 years ago. It was almost unheard of then. There are so many more platforms and so many more rules. The competition for your attention is fierce. To begin, I will have a store at Ecwid, a store on Facebook and a store on eBay. I  will also put a store on this blog and turn it into a business blog, not just an information one. Today all I can do is put in  a link. I only ask that you take a look. See how I set it up. Do you have any suggestions? Are there products you would buy if they were there?

So many of our connections now are online. Some people I have talked to for years. Now I hope these people who I’ve crossed paths will help me by sharing my posts. Connect with me at my Facebook store. It would be an enormous.

Can you share this on your blog? Could we do an interview post on your blog where I tell you what I’m doing? I would gladly reciprocate and shares yours, too. Leave me a comment.  Tell me what you think.

Thanks – Sonni

Why Our Prison System is Broken


I was sent this article to read. There are so many misconceptions in the general public about the effect the explosive prison population has had on our communities. Arizona is now 12X what it used to be .Incarceration has increased 60% but the population has only increased 33%.  All this with  lowered felony cases. What is causing it?

This is one state. Numbers would be different elsewhere, but the problem is the same. The business of prison needs to change. It is strangling us.

When you have a state that has more inmates than college students what does that do to the economy? Those who are released often have a hard time getting a job so how can they afford to go to a college that probably would turn them down because they have a felony record. If we want to make America a greater place to live we need to change the way we do business and the prison system would be a great place to start. Click on the link to read the article and support what I do by subscribing to ITFO News monthly newsletter that pops up on the opening screen.


While the national prison population has quadrupled

Arizona’s prison population grew by a multiple of 12.


Arizona’s Imprisonment Crisis:

The High Price of Prison Growth

Public safety and criminal justice policy is at a crossroads in Arizona. Despite overwhelming evidence that states can safely reduce crime and incarceration through commonsense reforms, Arizona continues to be a national outlier with high imprisonment rates and rising corrections spending.

This is no small matter. Arizona’s imprisonment crisis removes thousands of people from the economy and costs taxpayers more than $1 billion each year — preventing the state from investing in other critical priorities like education, social services for families, and child safety. Despite this steep price, the system does not make Arizona safer. Simply put, the state’s high imprisonment rate is hurting Arizona’s economy, communities, and families.

This report, created using individual-level data on people admitted to Arizona prisons, will be released in three parts throughout the fall of 2018. This first part focuses on the causes of Arizona’s prison population growth and the consequences for Arizona’s economy. The second part reveals how Arizona’s imprisonment crisis affects some communities more than others, and the third part examines the dire consequences for Arizona’s women and families. Experts on corrections data cleaned and analyzed Arizona’s prison data in accordance with national standards. See our methodology for a description of our process and definitions.

Ghosts In my Head

This is new music and poetry for a chapter in the book I’m writing. “Inside The Forbidden Outside,” which has gone through many changes since I began writing. Because it has been so labor intensive I have to believe there is a reason. I have to hope it will help Jamie when be gets out. He has read chapters, but he has heard no music being in prison. There will be so much to hear and read, especially on my other blog, My Name Is Jamie. There will be a video made for this music, too. All chapters will have music – about 50% is recorded, a music video ( 4th one being done) found at Sonni Quick Piano Improv – You Tube channel 

This music is a piece I really enjoyed playing. If I “try” to compose it usually ends up missing something. It doesn’t work. If it hits me in the middle of the night or I have to stop what I’m doing to go play my piano, it comes out and I don’t know where it comes from. Playing these pieces of music, and I can play them only once, feels so good. After that they are gone. I can only listen to the recording of it. The same with any poetry I write and I’m sure other poets understand – I read it for the first time when I’m done.

In the book, which is written from letters, is Jamie’s story, but there is a place when it changes from the written words in the letters to me being real. I don’t want to say anymore about the story, but it is where this title comes from.

You can subscribe to the mailing list for my music stuff by going to

“Where did you come from?” I cried
You raised your finger to your lips
and whispered, “No one can hear me
No one but you can see me
I’m a ghost in your head
To keep you company

I know the days are much too long
Use memories your mind creates
For days you don’t feel very strong
Endless time, will it ever end?
Around in circles never straight
Time goes slowly, round the bend

Years are passing, you see your age
Watch the moon all night long
I see your head lay in your hands
Wondering how it went so wrong
You always seem to lose so much
You tell yourself, I don’t understand

You need to reach your hand and touch
Feel the warmth of who is there
It makes you human, a worthy man
Even though no one’s left and no one cared
“But you,” you say “Here you stand”
“I could touch you,” and reach out your hand

How do I know you won’t disappear?
You kept me going, when I lost my way
I felt only anger, in my head there was fear
I couldn’t think there’d be hope someday
I wanted to tear these walls apart
I wanted to scream but no one would hear

You kept me sane. You fed me words
There is a reason for all of this
“Be patient,” you said, then I heard
“Imagine a life only you can see
There are ghosts in your head
You can learn to be free”


Sonni Quick ©2018


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Prison Art – Hand Drawn Cards


Prison Art is special. Anytime someone can create any kind of beauty in a world inside a prison it brings hope that that person will make it through okay. I often don’t look very close when someone sends me a store bought card, especially when it is signed with only a name. Why keep it? I know this took time and caring.

I had been sick with an irritating flu bug for several weeks that was hard to shake. Not enough to dive under the covers, but enough to have you dragging through your day.

Jamie has wanted to learn how to make cards for some time. His hand shakes so it is hard to draw a straight line. This is one of talent that can make money inside. Men often want cards made that fit in a long envelope sold in the prison commissary. I don’t know if he is making them for anyone else. A friend who is the support for another man who makes wonderful cards and happens to be in the same prison, sent him drawing books that show you how to make the drawings. Often the drawings that are copied come from children’s coloring books. They have characters that are good to use for birthdays and holidays. I was glad to see him use a creative way to pass time. 



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