Jamie Cummings – Wynne Unit – Huntsville, Tx

Jamie Cummings
Jamie and his son July 7, 2013

This is Jamie and my grandson Jamie. This photo is two years old now, the last time I visited. Since this blog is for him, the picture used to be near the top. I realized it is on the bottom now in a slideshow. So I thought I’d give him a dedicated post so anyone new to the blog can see who I’m writing about.

He used to have some meat on his bones but you can see what prison food does to you. I hope I’m making a difference in his life so when he does get out he has the confidence to build a life for himself and his son. The only legacy we can ever leave behind is the effect we have on other people.

“We have to make ourselves heard. We have to speak out for what we believe in. When we, the people, boldly state our true convictions – never losing our optimism or sense of humor – the times will change. When it comes to speaking out for justice, there isn’t any need for restraint On the contrary, to be reserved or hesitant under such circumstances is wrong.”

Daily Guidance
SGI President – Daisaku Ikeda
Nichiren Buddhism


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