There is much I could say here about solitary confinement, but you can find many other posts and pages on my blog that speak of it. There are links on the right side of the page that can take you to other sites that will give you many more examples of it. The best one is Solitary Watch Between the story of the man this blog is about, who has spent a combined 4 years in Solitary confinement, and 9 years total in prison, first offense, with 8 years to go, and Armando Macias, who has 3 pages here and one post of his writings I have published, who is on death row in San Quentin, I have learned more than I ever wish there was a need to know.

I sincerely hope you keep on reading while you are here, and return often. Jamie’s story is one that needs to be told. You probably came to this page from a social media site. If you go to the page that starts out with, “I want to encourage you . . .” You will find out the important places to start first reading that will give you a better understanding of the purpose of our prison system, which is more in depth than most people realize. So often people do the wrong thing for the right reason but that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. And it doesn’t mean he should lose so many years of his life because of it, unless there is financial motivation. During the eight years we have been writing it gave me a clear understanding of how necessary it was to help him. He mattered to me. This one human being, younger than the age of my daughter, father to my grandson, wants to have another chance at life.

Prisons are kept full using the backdoor method – mostly parole violations, not new crimes, although they do exist. Actual rehabilitation is not really a high priority. The fact that Jamie also has epilepsy and has had a multitude of seizures while inside, will only make it that much harder to find work. The fact that he spent over 4 years in juvy on a bogus charge from late 16 to 21, and not being able to get an education will also make it harder.

In addition to these things you will find music media files on some of the posts. I am an improvisational pianist and and play and record music that fits the emotion of how I feel when I write. I hope you enjoy them.  There is a link at the top of site I recommend head phones to really hear the tones nicely.

I’m writing a book about Jamie’s experiences with the justice system and bad prison policy in general. You will find links for “Inside the Forbidden Outside” Publishing a book when you have never published one is a daunting task. I spend most of my day writing and learning about the business of writing and getting it out there when it is down. I need your help. If you could also please fill out the contact form at the bottom to be on a mailing list to get occasional news about the book.  I will be publishing more chapters and edits as i go. I have an email list of possible buyers of the book that could be difference of it being sucessful. It’s really important to me. Also, doing an actual “follow” of the blog itself or “Follow by email” and clicking the “like” button, it would also help. Following the blog itself through email means that whenever I post something new you would get a notice in your email box.

If you have ever had anything that was really important you wanted to do, you will understand why I sit up writing usually until 3 or 4 AM.

Thank you. . . .Blog posts and other news about injustice in the world

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