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(Sonni’s note: Why is it so important that a parolee violate the terms of his parole and how hard do they go after an inmate to help insure his own revolving door? How important is it to keep the inmates coming back in through the back door system? Notwithstanding, there are inmates that do violate their parole because they don’t know how to live as a free man – but what about the rest? Read this snippet of the article and then go to the website I provided. Understand the significance and what it means to those men who are now part of the system and they have plans on letting them go – if they have anything to say about it.)

ANNOTATION: “The increasing reliance on revocation as a standard tool of parole supervision has created a “separate path to prison for large numbers of former prisoners” … Despite the routine use of parole violations and sanctions – collectively referred to as “back-end sentencing” – as a means of surveillance and punishment, policymakers and reentry scholars are only just starting to explore the contribution of this process to the reentry recycling of offenders through the correctional system” (p. 1-2). This dissertation examines how parole revocation impacts offenders’ abilities to successfully reenter their communities. Five chapters make up this dissertation: introduction to parole violations and the three stages of prison’s revolving door; the role of social service proximity in prisoner reentry—”how neighborhood contextual conditions shape the likelihood that parolees receive violation reports”; institutional sanctions in context—the impact of county-level characteristics on parole outcomes; the effects of short-term custodial sanctions on labor market outcomes among former prisoners; and conclusion.

3 thoughts on “Prisoner Reentry, Parole Violations, and the Persistence of the Surveillance State

    1. This was put in my spam file. Is there hope? There is always hope but we can’t sit around waiting fit CD someone else to fix things. That attitude has allowed the destruction of our home. But what do we do? What can the average person do? Get involved. Help educate people. Most people are stuck behind their Tvs watching FOX and learning only what the corporations want people to learn. Go to where you can learn the truth and spread it. The change in a single human being can change the world


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