Sonni Quick  over the last 40 years

Sonni 2015

yamaha electric grand

Update: Feb 2019 – This page has been being changed over to  and where you can also find my music videos at YouTube – Sonni Quick Piano Improv. All new pieces are there, not here.

But still, this is part of my history and every piece was written with love. These music pieces are the very beginning of my learning how to improvise instead of relying on written or structured music I had written. 

Update, 4/17 – Some pieces have being eliminated because of sound quality. I have a much better way of recording. The pieces listed below are several years old.  My music today has gone through a comfortable metamorphsis and I like where it is headed.  As with any craft, the more work it and the older you get, the better it better. Still, there are a few things here I’d hate to get rid of.  I actually recorded the “Jamie” by putting my nook near the amplifier.  That is why it sound so tinny. Then I got a recording app to record from my keyboard into the computer.  Then I bought a new piano which opened up a world of sounds from my from my 15 year old ep90.  It’s a process, and now I have recorded music that grabs me by the gut.

I can sit and play like this for hours and never play the same thing twice. Everything is improvised. I’m considering gigging again. I gave up playing in piano bars 12 years ago. I started in 1974 and moved on to fronting bands in 1981 and later, in the 90’s began to only teach. In 2000, in Key West I began playing as a solo artist again but later became to sick to play. Through all these I continued to teach and compose and had other “careers” in between.

Edison 1984

Now at the ripe old age of . . . older than my grandchildren, my desire to write and perform burns a hole inside me. I have always believed if a dream comes to life inside it is there for a reason, so follow it. It is why have done everything I’ve done in my life that has taken me to many different places ( and gave my kids a very unstable childhood, but they learned not to except the status quo or care about what other people think about they decided to do. Go for it. We only remember one life.
May 2016

So when my book “Inside The Forbidden Outside” is published – it is in the first round of editing, this time with professional help – I need to find a way to fit in at least one gig a week – find a nice restaurant that appreciates beautiful music playing in the background while people socialize – their soundtrack for their evening. Years ago I swore I’d never play another piano bar. They bored me. This is a a different decade in my life and different music. I’ve played many piano bars, from the Hyatt Regency in Houston to the Bahia Mar on Padre Island to every ski resort in Colorado to La Te Da’s in Key West. What is next?

Sonni Quick piano music
Sonni Quick 1980 Hyatt Regency Houston,Tx

Soundcloud allows easier access by people who don’t know about this blog, but see it advertised in other places.  I’ve taken away most of the duplicates but left ones that aren’t still found on mostly earlier blog posts.  Soundcloud allows me better access to see what is being listened to and which ones are liked better.  Older blog posts will still direct you here but new posts will only play soundcloud tracks.

Scattered through out the blog you will find many of these music pieces. These are all original improvisations. “Inside the Forbidden Outside” Is the title of the book I’m writing about Jamie Cummings.   I’ve been working on it for 1 1/2 years.  Writing this while keeping up my 2 blogs has been work than I thought it would be.  Marketing it takes another bundle of time. I would like to be able to offer this music in some way with the book when it is ready. It is the heart – the emotion that came from writing. The sadness of understanding what life is like for someone on the inside when the people you love don’t take the time to show they remember you are there. Find out what real loneliness feels like. This music is my sadness for him.

This music is copyrighted. Please do not use it for ANY reason other than for your own listening. You may only share it with proper credit and a link back to the original site. Thank you.

The spacing is weird for the titles.  The title goes with the piece below it, not the music above it.

Second Time Around – by Sonni Quick. Copyright 2015

The Fallen – by Sonni Quick copyright. 2015

Lost Loveby Sonni Quick. Copyright 2015

Yester Daysby Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Taking Back What They Took Awayby Sonni Quick copyright 2015

And The Rain Beginsby Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Jamie by Sonni Quick copyright 2014

Pure Pain  – by Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Something Was by Sonni Quick copyright 2015

I‘m Sorry by Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Missing Daughterby Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Blindfolded Painby Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Forgotten Tears by Sonni Quick copyright 2014

I’m Doneby Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Wondering Whyby Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Hopeby Sonni Quick copyright 2015


30 thoughts on “Music For “Inside The Forbidden Outside” by Sonni Quick

    1. Most of this music is old. Like anything, the more we do it the better we get, the better the recording becomes. To hear a couple newer pieces go to my youtube channel. Sonni Quick Improv Piano – This music is being used for the book and is more recent.

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        1. Actually he’s doing better. The blog post I put up was a repost from 4 years ago. He is still in adseg which confines him to a cell. But fir the first time they have aroused him to take a class a couple times a week. It is Christian based, which he is not, because they press that on the inmates, but it gets him around other people and it will look good in his file to get his classification raised. He said lately they haven’t been messing with him.But got help to get a power of attorney signed which gives me some legal power to demand medical records and other stuff from this warden. Most people don’t know how to not let the prison stomp on his rights. They screwed with his seizure medication and lied to me about it and it caused seizures. So maybe out isn’t worth it to mess with him. I have recourse now. I have put too much work into this project for it to not be successful. I stay focused and push ahead. The system will never be fixed. It is too profitable.

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  1. Beautiful music! Memories and photographs are a double-edged sword at times: wonderful to have for remembrance but also sad to think of what once was or could have been. Being older, I understand how difficult it is to move on. But hey SonniQ, the good thing about being Baby Boomers is that we still look cute after all these years! And we still care for others after all these years! And we are still young-at-heart and productive after all these years! ❤

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    1. Thank you very much. Most of the better pieces of music as well as newer pieces have been put online at Music is my love. I’ve played since I was very young but the older I got it changed. I just play. I don’t really pay attention when I play. I play when I’m feeling emotional. I play it back days later and hear it for the first time. It’s strange. It just comes out like it’s from a different part of me. A lot of the music was written after I read a letter from Jamie, or I’m writing a post for him. I have 2 letters here after they moved him to another prison ( prison #8) and the letter I got today, Ill be posting it ) is so encouraging. He is finally understanding what is happening in his life, on a deeper level. I’ve posted a few chapters of the book I’m writing on him if you run into them. They all have the same picture header. Thank you again.

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