ITFO is short for “Inside The Forbidden Outside,” the title of the book I am writing on Jamie Cummings life. The link to the subscribe form is at the bottom. Help me build my mailing list by sharing this with your own people.

Issues will be out once a month. Each one usually has a primary prison issue at it’s core, but I also want to include writings or poetry from inmates, or artwork. Anything that expresses his humanity that goes beyond being a “prison inmate”. For many people inside, their identity is more than what caused them to be in prison.

Over time I have received a fair number of responses that say something like this. “If he does the crime he needs to do the time.” or “Anything they do to him/her, they deserve”

I want to help change that perception

Thank you so much – Sonni Quick

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10 thoughts on “Subscribe To ITFO Newsletter

    1. Thank you! Much appreciated. I have something else I am sending you but am waiting until tomorrow. I just didn’t want you to think I didn’t see you. It’s been a busy busy week!

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        1. Sorry it got late. Are you in the US? I also realized I was confusing you with another person who posted a comment. It was on legal shield which is a legal service that connects you to an attorney office should you need one for any reason. I realized then I had the wrong person.

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            1. I thought perhaps you weren’t. So many hits come in from so many countries. It has been an interesting way to get to know people from so many places you otherwise would have never met. It’s one of the best benefits from blogging.

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  1. I think what you are doing is great.
    I have my son in allred unit currently.
    He had never been incarcerated and was tried as an adult at 16 yrs old.
    He just turned 20.
    Murder charges were dropped because of self defense however my son received a 15 yr sentence.
    This group of boys wanted my son to rape a little girl to be a part of their “gang”
    My son knew chose not to take part in any of that and had to fight everyday he went to school for 7 yrs he was bullied by these boys.
    My son never let me know about this because I was a single mom.
    I am truly inspired by what you are writing about Haines experience.
    I was wanting to write about my own personal experience, but have never done anything like that before.
    Thank you once again on your inspirational gift.

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    1. Mary, it is for people like you that I am writing this. Maybe you need to write your son’s story? I have been writing for a long time, albeit not in a professional sense. Writing, like learning how to paint a picture or learning how to play the piano, I found that writing a story is not like writing a letter, or even a blog post. You may not even want to write his story in a professional sense, but maybe like a diary, with how this has affected you. It is a story ten years from now, as your son matures and grows from it, either positively or negatively. it is going to affect his life one way or the other – and it will take courage. But it will be a gift to him from you because your lives are forever entwined. I am sorry you have to go through this. I am sure you have blamed yourself because you didn’t see what was happening when he was young, but you are human and we are fallible. As mothers, we are not all knowing. Did you read the first two chapters of the rewrite. You can find them below the post in the list of the latest posts. But don’t confuse them with posts from my other blog I’d like to hear back from you.

      I know Allred Unit – which is like every other prison in Texas. I was there last Aug and will be back later this year. I know what they do there. Your son is so young. What put him away at 16? Jamie was locked up at 16 in juvy, out for a short time completely lacking the wisdom that comes with life experience. He was just a boy, like your son. Our justice system is most brutal on boys who have parents who can’ t pay to get them out. Talk to me any time.


    2. Marry I just published my newest newsletter. I didn’t know if you subscribed to it. You can find it below in the list of latest posts. I hope all is well with you and your son. He will have a lot to deal with when he finally gets out because it is where he changed from boy to man. This issue is about reentry.


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