I spend a lot of my time researching what is happening in our prison system, determined to find ways to not only help the public understand what it means to be in prison, but also to find ways that I can help, not only Jamie, but other people. What happens when an inmate gets out of prison largely depends on the support he gets while still in prison and often that support is minimal. I have read many articles about how high the recidivism rate is. Inmates end right back inside. They don’t have the education they need to support themselves, and also to feel good about who they are. Do they have any days where the word “Inmate” doesn’t feel as though it is imprinted on their forehead? Until the laws are changed, when an employer sees the box checked that asks if they were ever convicted of a felony they won’t get hired. If they apply for higher education and the college see that same box checked they will most likely get turned down regardless of their abilities. And in Jamie’s case, he has epilepsy. He can’t do manual labor jobs dealing with machinery or even get a driver’s license. His survival of his time has not been easy. Preparation for the rest of the time in his life will be a challenge

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