12 Years Old – Life Without Parole


I ran across this video today and it left me shaking my head. How can two preteens and a 15 year old do this? But the other question is: is it right to give them life without parole? Yes it is a horrible thing they did, a man lost his life, but clearly there wasn’t enough maturity or understanding of consequences to think beyond the act.

Did they think about their life and what would happen to them? They killed one boy’s step-father. The other two boys had nothing to gain by participating. They didn’t understand the impact.

Did they play videos games that made light of killing? I don’t know. But I’ve watched my grandchildren. I had to put a stop to some of the games they play because they think nothing of slaughtering people in games and these are not fantasizes.

One game my grandson was playing is called Roblocs. There are many games in that gaming system. One is about inmates escaping from prison. The players are cops who chase them down and kill them. What does that teach them? All inmates are bad and should be shot and killed, reinforcing that all inmates are horrible people and should be killed. As they get older that translates into black people should be killed – because there are so many black people in prison. 1 in 3 black people will do time during their lifetime. Not white people. White people are better. Training from childhood.

In another game the player plays the part of being a school shooter who then goes to schools and kills students. Fortunately, that game was taken down because parents were outraged? How many children played it before it was taken down who thought it was fun? Who would make a game like that?

What taught the three boys in the video that shooting with the intent to kill was okay and that they could get away with it and the one boy’s life would be better off without his step father.

There have been many other murders that didn’t result in life without parole. Did the court feel these boys were too dangerous to be let into society again?  What bothers me is the inconsistency in the way sentences are handed out. There is a lot I don’t know yet about this case. I’m curious about what you think and why. This happened years ago. Will these boys never learn anything else about life except the horrors of prison and never have a life to return to.

I have read so much about prisons and what happens inside. We are now witnessing a 17 state non-violent prison protest because of the violence. This protest will not result in major changes, but it will help make people aware so there can hopefully be changes in the future.

Which is worse, these young boys or the adults running the corruption. Do the boys mature into better men? Do we just lock them up and throw away the key? Which is worse?