If You Do The Crime You Should Pay With Time

Jamie’s son and Sonni’s grandson

 IF You Do The Crime You Should Pay With Appropriate Time

America is in denial. Instead of seeing us as the country that incarcerates more of is citizens than any country in the world – by a long shot – for corporate profit, many see America as this good Christian nation than benevolently lends a hand to countries who are aching for us to take over and teach them the kind of democracy we have; including teaching them how to set up a prison system that rapes it’s own country – literally – of any freedom or liberty people should be able to have.

America is about profit and if people’s lives need to be forfeited to get it – well, that is just the American way – unless it is your family that is affected.  Blindly, many Americans are sucked into “news” sites that are better at twisting the news than reporting it. People’s habits run deep. They don’t know how to understand an issue unless someone tells them how to understand it.The problem is, what they think they understand has been skewed to mean something other than the truth. This past year is a perfect example.  When people ignore the continual massive lies of our new leader(?) in chief, and want to give him a chance – to do what? Continue to lie and behave in embarrassing ways you would never accept from anyone else, what is the end result? We have a country that sees itself differently than the rest of the world sees us with a very twisted reasoning of right and wrong.

I have such a bad feeling about this because the writing is on the wall and has been for a long time. But this article is not about Donald Trump. I doubt his supporters are reading this anyway because the truth isn’t something they want to hear because it isn’t on Fox News. Their version of the truth and reality are two very different things.

I have read more articles on all facets of incarceration than I could ever count, trying to understand where we went wrong and why. How do we fix it? Can we fix it? We have a country that “wants” to think it’s a Christian nation yet doesn’t know how To apply it to their own lives. They are not devastated over the intentional ruination of an entire race of people where the only real difference is the color of skin. But somehow, because white people, and I am one of them, are often so insecure about their own worth they have the need to feel they are made of a high quality substance than people of color, missing the point that it makes them less, not more, than the people they put down.

Is this all white people? Of course not. But because people of color have been stomped down, and a high percentage treated unfairly by incarcerating them to keep them down, they have been kept from a decent education with good schools and good teachers. A vast amount have been kept from the very people who should have raised them and were instead sucked through the penal system from grade school on up through the juvenile detention system. This was the long range plan to hold down the black race since Nixon started the fictional  war on drugs so he could incarcerate blacks through the PR plan labeling blacks as heroin addicts on a war path to rape the white man’s daughters, along with all the pot smoking hippie war protesters.  It worked, and we’re still trying to undo that one.

I’m sick of hearing, “If you do the crime you have to do the time”, because you’d have to be a complete idiot or unable to read to not see the vast amount of information out there that talks about all of the innocent black people being freed from prison every year because they were falsely incarcerated. It often took 10-20-30 years to finally free them, now too damaged to pick up a life that was taken from them. They can’t go back to their wives or raise their children all over again. Their lives were destroyed. Their children’s lives were destroyed. My grandson’s life with his father was destroyed. Why?? Because they are black and you don’t like black people? Or because corporations run by rich white men have the power to keep slavery going in the prison system and their shareholders could make money off them by making them work for free? Or food or medical corporations could get rich from denying services while their families were made to pay fees so they could make a medical call and see a nurse on a computer screen who tells them to go drink more cruddy water that comes out of a spigot in their cell instead of actually treating their illnesses?

Our government, along with the Prison Industrial Complex – with your compliance, because you intentionally look the other way, has caused the suffering of an entire race – and America thinks it is a Christian nation? Is this what it means to be a Christian? I am sickened by the hate and I am astounded by the ignorance.

When it comes to incarceration there is a new problem beginning. Crime is down. No matter what our new leader tries to make you believe about how awful it is everywhere – Crime – Is – Down. But the prisons have to be fed. Our government has contracts with the prison corporations. If they aren’t kept full then your tax dollars has to pay them for empty beds. Did you miss those articles? Who will they fill the prisons with? With people who break the new laws. The are increasing the crimes your grade school children commit that will give the adult sentences. Michigan passed a law that went into affect on Jan 1st. Children as young as 5 will be prosecuted as adults if they are caught fighting.  Children. Just kids. So common. That’s what boys do. And now they can get sentenced and locked up for it. Think I’m kidding? Read. How many Detroit children will this affect? What color is Detroit?

N. Dakota is only one state that wants to make protesting a felony and if you kill someone by running them down with your car it’s okay. Is this sick? Do you want to be associated with this? How many haters would have a field day with this? Trump says he’s the “Law and Order President” but law and order has never been his strong suit. Ever.

Sentences will become longer. Approvals for parole will become less in order to fill the prisons still being built. It scares me. Too many people look the other way. Unless you are a family that has been affected by the draconian laws our prisons are run by, why should you care? Because it affects everyone. Nearly every day I read a message, usually by a mother, “My son, or daughter was arrested. What do I do?”

Maybe they are guilty and maybe they aren’t, but the handing out of 20 year sentences for non violent “crimes” is very common, and their entire life is ruined for profit. Absolutely nothing of value is made except more money for the rich. Educate yourself. Don’t assume you and your children will be safe. Your family could be next. Teach your children how to interact with police the same way black parents train all their children from a young age. Assume they will be stopped. Teach them how interact with authority. Being white isn’t always the only protection needed.

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A Prison Sentence is Like Dying


Inside The Forbidden Outside by Sonni Quick. Copyright 2016

I’ve had many hours – years really – to try to understand how an inmate can lose an entire family who walks away from him as completely as if he had died. In the beginning, having no knowledge, I didn’t realize how many inmates lose their family when they are inside. I don’t know how different it is between men and women inmates.

I know that one man went for ten years before his mother would speak to him. He also never saw any of his family until this past year. It was hard but he accepted it. Being on death row they may have have seen it as a death so what was the point of seeing him if they could never bees a family? I am only guessing.

But my most in depth knowledge now is how prison has affected Jamie and caused his family to give up on him. He gave up long ago trying to understand if he mattered to them. What was the point? Did anyone ever follow through with anything they said? Did anyone care that their total absence was slowly killing him? There could be no trust ever again. Did it matter to them or did they think it was all his fault? Are they going to want a relationship with this stranger they no nothing for when he gets out?

I know it hurts him to talk about it. I hear the pain in his words. Whoever he was all those years ago – the boy – he isn’t that boy any longer. And they are no longer the people they were, either. When he gets out what will his mother do? What will she expect – anything? Will he have risen from the dead? The only person who matters to him – is his ten year old son.

Many inmates have no one, never did have anyone. Many came from foster care and never connected with anyone like family. How do they ever have a family? How do you create something you never had? The recidivism rate is very high for these people. They want a better life but don’t know how. I am teaching Jamie to have the confidence only he can. His life has value. No one had hope for them in the past so they have no hope for themselves now.

All these years I have spent being there for him – the only one who cared for him these past ten years, watching him grow from a boy to a man, seeing the person his family left for dead – a man they will later say they made a mistake and now they want a piece of him.

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Defining Black Lives Matter – Part 1

I have been trying to find the right words to explain “Black Lives Matter” to people who have missed the point completely – often deliberately because they don’t want to appear to anyone that they do understand. You can’t keep up the hateful offensive rhetoric if you understand. Please go to the original blog post and read why this was important enough to reblog her post.

I think some white people want to stay openly hostile to impress their friends that they can say racist things as well. White people don’t want to appear sympathetic to blacks. I am appalled by people I know, even family members, who deliberatelly misunderstand the meaning of Black Lives Matter.

Even those who know the years I have put into researching and understanding the racial divide, have a mocking tone to their voice when they say I support Black Lives Matter like it’s some kind of a joke, the way people used to call people “nigger lovers”, and no, I won’t be politically correct and put in asterics instead of the letter I. It’s a hateful word but this is a hateful subject we shouldn’t have to have.

White people feel and think it’s necessary to constantly put down black people and call them derogatory names because they think they somehow have to keep themselved on the top rung of quality people. I have 2 half black grandsons. I’ve been told not to worry, they will be okay. They are being taught to respect authority. But how are they safe when no one is teaching the cops to respect them back? There are so many statistics proving the racism of many cops. Please note I did not say ALL cops. The ones who shoot using the excuse they are afraid as a reason to shoot someone in the back, shouldn’t be a cop. A cop that tells a man named Sterling to get of his ID out but uses that as an excuse to kill him, a man who works with kids.  What does it teach those kids?

My grandsons aren’t any safer than any other black man who has been killed by a bad cop. I don’t want to hear any more but..but..but and bring anything else into this discussion. Fire bad cops who have proven they are unstable. Arrest and prosecute those who kill unjustly, no matter what race they are. Fire the cops who protect and lie for bad cops. Stop defending cops who kill. Stop implying that the man simply walking down the street is suspicious and deserves being taken down and kicked in head. There has been too much of this. It is not justified by anything other than certain white people who are afraid of losing their top dog status. If anything happens to my grandchildren I will be one very angry grandmother.

If you are someone who insists on not understanding the issues and encourages more harm to black people and also wants to let the cops off the hook when they kill without just cause then I feel bad for you because of the divide you continue to encourage. The writer of this post is right. We need to talk. We need to find a way for this to stop.


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We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident


“We shouldn’t get too caught up in this notion that somehow people who are asking for fair treatment are somehow, automatically, anti-police, are trying to only look out for black lives as opposed to others. I think we have to be careful about playing that game.” Statement of President Obama

As a Pacifist, I believe that every life matters.  For the last two weeks or so, I’ve watched town hall meetings with people speaking about the Black Lives Matter Movement.  I listened.  I learned.

After watching a town hall meeting on CNN called Black, White and Blue, I asked myself why are people who have had no experience whatsoever being discriminated against in America because of the color of their skin, arguing over the meaning of Black Lives Matter?

Each generation sits around the dining table and shares stories of their lives.  They talk about the challenges and…

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The Day We Decided Black Lives Don’t Matter

This is a bit different from what I usually post and has nothing to do with our prisons, but it has everything to do with people – the people who looked at this country as a better place to live and life would be better if they could just move here – and they do. Now this is such an angry country blaming everyone else for all the ills of the world but never looking at themselves or this country think, “What did we do to cause so much hate to people who only want a safe place to raise their families.” I have lately been so ashamed of my fellow Americans who feel justified with their hate and feel no responsibility to make it better.


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White Boy Privilege

A fourteen year old teen named Royce Mann hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately . . .

It is too late to change the hearts and minds of adults. We can not change the irrational need for cops to kill black people no matter how they are retrained, or how often any politician, including our president who says only the hole words, “We need to come together and respect each other.”

Nothing will change as long as there is so much hate and continue to fail to realize who and what has been responsible for the backlash against cops. As long as there is failure to understand that black people didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Let’s go kill cops,” for no reason, the situation will continue to increase.

Too many white people intentionally, willingly, stay blind to the fact that cops have gone too far killing people who should not have died, and never had to pay the price. Black people want that recognized. They want it stopped and they want the law to apply to everyone. If you murder someone, you will be prosecuted and found guilty. A badge doesn’t give you the right to do what you want with impunity.

There has never been equality. Even members of my own family think they understand the situation and blame black people for what our government intentionally did to them, because in their uneducated lack of understanding, devoid of any real research into the issue, think they know what is going on – yet they don’t. Their “experience” is such a small part of the truth. Don’t you dare say cops, any cops, are racist. Not in my house! Do what they tell you to do even if that means you have to let them drag you out of your car and beat you so then – hopefully – they won’t kill you. If you don’t do that, it’s your own fault if they shoot you. Is this really what it comes down to? Is that what you have to teach your children?

So it will be up to the children – like this young teenager – who will have to say, “Enough! I will not let you make me be like you! I will not let you divide my generation and turn us into hateful people. It doesn’t matter what color we are. Color doesn’t make us criminals. And my whiteness doesn’t make me better than anyone else!” Yet he had to be glad to have “white privilege” so he doesn’t have to deal with what black and brown kids deal with every day. So sad. 

Those were not only his words. You can hear his words. We need to teach our children not to hate. I look at this nation of supposed Christians with disgust. Trump is being treated like he is the second coming of Christ by those who condone his disgusting rhetoric and cheer on his hate while they salivate. This example of human being – this example of Christianity is so far from what it was supposed to be and turned it into something as bad as the Muslims who are the terrorists. We are also the terrorists. They come after us like BLM wants to stop the people who come after them. Too many in white America think they and our country are blameless. They think we are the good guys. We used to be – a long time ago.

We can’t cure ignorance. Hate tastes too good on their tongues. It is like an addiction to a drug, but what they crave, what makes them feel good, is the feeling of hate in the empty cavity that used to have a heart.

Children – calling all youth. This country need your help. Stand up for mankind before your leaders and perhaps your parents and teachers destroy what is left of mankind. You’ll be alive after they are dead. What kind of world do YOU want to live in?

Share this please. Something needs to be done.

Sonni Quick – grandmother of two half black grandsons who are being taught to respect authority, but who is teaching the authority to respect them?


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Black Lives Matter

This is important enough to put out as a post on Jamie’s website.  Black lives matter, as does every one else, but there are many people, political entities and other organizations who not only do not see it that way, they also try to make you believe they don’t think they way they do.  It is up to us to change things;  to change the way our children and grandchildren see the world.  We will never convince an adult to not harbor racist feelings.  It is too engrained in their hearts, but we can raise the children better, because they are the future leaders of tomorrow.  This fight became personal for me with the birth of my two grandsons with a black father and one granddaughter with a black mother. All white people can “say” they aren’t racists, and may honestly not be, but until the fight comes into your living room and you understand how your own family can and will be affected, then not being a racist becomes a completely different thing.

http://facebook.com/jamielifeinprison . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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