Jamie Was Moved To Another Prison

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I know there are people who are writing to Jamie and I’m afraid that if you sent a letter to him by snail mail, it will probably be returned to you.  I sent a Christmas card to an inmate and I got it back with a stamp that said “transferred”, and I have no idea how to reach him now, unless he writes again.  This wasn’t the same prison so I don’t know if it is standard policy to return them or discard them. If you wrote to Jamie through Jpay he will get it, because that is sent by his inmate number and it goes to where ever he is.

I got a letter today postmarked on January 11.  His birthday was January 10.  I had asked people to send birthday cards and I am afraid he might not have gotten them.  He won’t even know they were sent.

I tried to call the prison today and talk to the property manager (she wasn’t there).  They wouldn’t let him take any of his  property to this new place, so I am trying to make sure they send it. When he was moved to the prison he was just in the guards kept things they wanted for themselves. He doesn’t have any of the letters he’d been saving, so he also doesn’t have the addresses memorized.  Fortunately he remembered mine and another inmate gave him a stamp.  but to not have his letters -that is his life.  I also had just sent him 30 books last month.  As I mentioned in my last post there is a used book store that is approved to send books to prisons and I can purchase book lots for $38, and there are also lots of 3 and they have free shipping, if anyone would like to send him any books, or puzzle books.  Anything to help pass the time.  This used book store is a lot cheaper than buying new books at Amazon.  Individuals can’t send books.  It has to come from a business, because there would be some people who would try to put things inside the books.  The prison also kept his ID so he can’t go to the commissary and buy stamps – they kept all his stamps and the hygiene products he bought last month.  They kept all of his pictures of his son.  I can at least send him copies of the ones I had sent him and I have copies of all his letters and mine, but letters are different for inmates than they are for most people.  You have no idea how many times letters get read and reread.  He also had other books than the ones I had sent him last month, that are his collection of favorites, and also study books – his GED book, his dictionary and thesaurus, and grammar book and world almanac.  Can you imagine fitting your entire life in a small locker that gets moved around with you.

He said they will lie and say they sent it and throw away the things nobody else wants and I have to make sure they won’t do that.  So I will try again tomorrow.

I will part of this last letter, so you can see otherwise, how he is doing.  His new address is

James Cummings #1368189  F-Pod-84 cell, . . . . . Allred Unit . . . . . 2101 FM 369 North . . .  Iowa Park, Tx. 76367

I have no clue where Iowa Park is yet except he said it was in North Texas

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