Grabbing Hold of The Brass Ring

William Johnson Photography – San Diego, Ca. 2010



Waiting . . . Too Long – the first music video in a series, made for the chapters of a book, “Inside The Forbidden Outside”

Grab hold of a brass ring. Don’t fear. Take risks. I have spent a long time not only writing the book, ” Inside the Forbidden Outside,” and re writing it, learning how to write it and researching the ins and outs of what makes a good book, I have added elements not commonly found when writing a book, if it has been before at all. 

If you’ve been to this blog in the past you know I create improvised piano music. Usually melancholy piano pieces with haunting melodies. I began recording music and inserting them into blog posts. I wanted to promote the music with the book. I then decided to produce an album with the same title as the book. Then I carried it a step farther. I started creating music for individual chapters. The titles of the music matched the titles of the chapters. I carried it further. As a musician I have several websites where you can find my music and have a couple websites that are just for promoting myself as a musician. 

One thing I needed to round out everything is a video – multiple videos. I decided to do a video for the music of chapters. This video is the first one. There is a chapter titled, “Waiting . . . Too Long.” I hope you like it enough to subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel, Sonni Quick Piano Improv.” It takes patience to get something new off the ground. It will help me promote the book when it is done and hopefully increase sales, which will help Jamie begin a life when he gets out.

Because of all the extra things I’m doing it has taken longer to finish the book than I hoped. It would be done if all I needed to do was write a book. Between it all are a zillion other things that need to be done at the same time.

But the main thing – my life with all my crazy dreams loaded with determination is a life I thoroughly enjoy. I can see the big picture coming together. We need to grab hold of that brass ring as the merry go round turns.


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