EJI’s New Museum on Slavery to Prison


Enslavement to Incarceration

Bryan Stevenson, the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative has been a strong figure in today’s fight for equal justice. In a society that proclaims all men are created equal, many white people have made a mockery of it’s meaning.

When all humans are born they are born with equal possibilities that are crushed through every step of life. If their skin isn’t white, there is no equality. All non European white people learn very early in life they are superior to others. Does that mean they ARE superior? No, but it is shoved down their throat with the same absolute sureness as when people thought the world was flat and they were scared they would fall off if they sailed their ships to close to the edge.

Even when it was proven there was no edge to fall from, many people wanted to believe that truth was wrong. They declared, regardless of the truth, the world was going to stay flat no matter what. They wanted their belief to hold true because they has believed it so long.

Far too many people don’t want to give up the believe they are special and privileged, with superior intelligence; more deserving in any way. Some, like Ben Carson, the “See, I have a token black man in my administration’s cabinet,”  man who was willing to speak aloud the words that tried to make a new truth by saying, “Slaves were really immigrants.” as if they voluntary came to America to start a new life volunteering to be slaves. The fact they were chained lying side by side in the belly of ships, kidnapped from their family and land, dying in their own filth didn’t matter.

Lost forever was any respect the white man thought he deserved over and above any other human of any  race and color. In fact it makes the skin of those white people who believe they deserve privilege,  a boring skin of non color because the ugliness of their nature shows in all aspects of the nature of their life.

I can say these things about my fellow man because I am white. I am ashamed of those people of my race. I am thankful not everyone of my race believes with the ignorance of those who do and that gives me hope.

We see many things of color and exclaim, “Oh, how beautiful. The richness, and warmth of the beauty of color can bring tears to our eyes. Like the opening of a flower, color can warm and melt our hearts. From the music and passion of cultures to the tastes of  exotic mixes of foods. The stories of centuries of history. The children, all with slightly different shades of color – and what do we white people want to do with that?

Kill, enslave, mutilate, rape and incarcerate. Hide it away and make ourselves believe that what we did was . . . okay. We had a right. We were superior in every way. We said it enough until we believed it until we could not see we were ultimately responsible for creating the cause that has led to the death and destruction of any race that challenged any people who dared make the white man understand they are NOT the superior race they think they are.

They are poor. They are lazy. They don’t want to work. They want to suck off the the government’s teat so they can produce more babies and rape us of our hard earned money. Feed them for free.  Clothe them with money from free government checks. They don’t want to go to school. They could rise up if    they wanted to even though our shoes are standing on the back of their necks, face down in the street with a gun aimed to kill if they move a muscle.

This white man has no depth of heart and soul. They have only fake happiness that  comes with acquiring “things” that make them look rich. How empty is that life?  There is no unshakeable, absolute happiness that comes with the sureness of knowing from where you come and who you are.

Too many plastic pale faces trying to ignore the pain the white man inflicted. They want to erase that from  and pretend they didn’t beat, enslave and rape stolen people. That will no longer stand. Later generations stand as new generation of white people still try to manipulate their lives and make it look as though the condition of their lives was caused by them.

Keep trying to put the supposed superior race at the to of the list if you can, but the only way respect can be regained is by embracing the truth of what was done. Elevate their history and make amends for pasts mistakes and apologize by treating each person with the respect they deserve simply for being human. Wipe the arrogant look off your face.

The black man is not yours to use as a tool to create wealth. Our country is failing on many levels because of greed that puts the wealth of the few above the lives of many. Our world can no longer support this way of thinking.

This needs to be a museum of PAST history not current daily life.

How Many People Have to Die by The Hands of The Police and Prisons?

I recently posted a chapter excerpt on the the blog  Inside The Forbidden Outside about medical care in the prisons, but it isn’t just prisons. The racism in our justice system is extreme.  It’s also the brutality inside the jails and the casualties that come from that brutality. Deaths are covered up and all effort is made so the officers involved don’t have to suffer the consequences.  People are rightfully angry.  Many of the officers are worse criminals than the ones who are locked up.

Police brutality is either escalating or they are being recorded more, which means it’s always been this bad but we didn’t get to see it. Police, and prison guards should pay the price for the crimes they commit.  They are a danger to society.  This ugly pimple has only begun to burst. More and more people are going to take to the streets until it’s an all out war between the people and the oppressors.  They can’t keep beating people to death and get away with it.

Although the larger percentage of people maimed and killed are black and minorities, it is white people, too, who get the wrong end of the stick.  How can someone stand by and just watch someone die?  What kind of human being would do that??  Let me repeat that!  How low does your personal standard for life have to fall for you to stand by, or be part of the death of another human being and do nothing to help him?  Could you sleep at night?  I couldn’t.  Most people can’t. But many people watch the video or read the article and just go on about their day and look the other way instead of getting involved in even a small way.  It’s just a news story.  It doesn’t affect the lives of most people.  We feel sorry for the families and that’s about it.

If I were an officer of the law and went along with what happened in this video, could I face my family and friends and admit I was part of it?  NO – but then, we can’t see the faces of those men can we?  But still – the cause he made for his own life will have it’s effect and I sure wouldn’t want to be there when “What goes around, comes around” comes back to him.

Watching this made me want to vomit, seeing how low the human race can fall.  This must be stopped.  Share this on your social media.  Stand up for what is right.  Don’t sit back and say you can’t do anything. Find a way to get involved. Join an organization that is trying to make [positive change.  EJI – Equal Justice Initiative is just one that comes to mind to start with. http://eji.org  If you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem.  We need to hold the police and the prisons accountable for every death they allow to happen.