Ethen Couch – Two Americas

I watched this today and it really brings home the fact that it matters how much money you have, as well as they color of your skin, if there are consequences to your actions.  When you watch this and see what he did and what he had to pay to stay free it kinda wants to make you throw up.  There are many people who have lost, and are losing nearly their entire lives for doing many times less than when he did.  Not only that, the percentage of people who gets paroled is down about 75%.

I found out yesterday that those that sit on our parole boards not only make over $100k a year, they do not need to have any education in the law, and many make judgement calls by their gut feelings, without even looking at the parole packet and looking at recommendations made. The government can lower the incarceration rate but the prison can make up for it by not letting people go.  But this is a subject for another post.